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Sixteen Questions Before You Buy

Before you ever think of buying a boat, you should know what to look for. There are more different types of boats than there are varieties of cheeses in a French cheese market. Below are 16 questions you should answer to determine the type of boat to look for. Answer those questions and we will help to guide you in the right direction.

1. How many weeks per year can I devote to boating? _____________
2. Do I prefer sailing or motoring? _________
3. What is my capital budget? ________________
4. What is my annual expense budget for insurance, fuel, docking, and maintenance? ___________________
5. How many people will accompany me 90% of the time? _________
6. What will be the minimum and maximum number of people I will have aboard on a cruise? _______________________
7. Will my guests be close family (ages important), extended family or friends, business associates, new acquaintances, or strangers?___________ _____________ _______ _______ ________________________________
8. Would I feel more comfortable with a professional crew? _______
9. Where will I do most of my cruising? _____________________ ___________________________________________________
10. Are there depth restrictions where I plan to berth my yacht or where I plan to cruise? What is the minimum depth I will encounter? _____
11. Are there any fixed bridges that I will have to go under to access open waters? What is the clearance? _____________
12. Will I sometimes be obliged to cruise at night? ___________
13. What is the longest distance I plan to cruise without being able to refuel? _______________
14. Is fishing (what kind) or scuba diving going to be a primary activity or will I primarily cruise and occasionally swim and fish? __________________________________________________
15. Do I plan to mostly anchor out or will I generally overnight in marinas? ___________________________________________________
16. In marinas, do I plan to eat out often or is cooking aboard important for me? _______________________________________________________

IYB1.Inc. image International Yacht Brokerage (IYB) specializes in helping yacht buyers find the right yacht at the right price. Our multi-lingual team of yacht consultants operate worldwide, and as a team, we have experience as captains, marine surveyors, helicopter and fixed-wing pilots, financing, negotiations, yacht management and last, but certainly not least, yacht owners. This experience allows us to guide buyers like no other yacht brokerage team is capable.

This consultative approach is an entirely selfish strategy on our part. We know that yacht buyers are repeat clients and provide us with word of mouth advertising. Consequently, our focus is not selling our listings, but rather, consulting with our clients and looking for the perfect fit that keeps them coming back.

You’ve probably heard that all yachts are for sale—at the right price. Therefore, there are many more yachts for sale than there are advertised by yacht brokerage sites. As a yacht buyer, it’s not possible to know where to find these not-for-sale-but-really-for-sale yachts, because their owners generally do not want their friends to know that their yacht is for sale. And, if they are for sale and advertised, it’s almost always the case that yacht owners over-price their yacht, because it makes them look richer in the eyes of friends and bankers.

Over-priced yachts are the norm in our industry. An asking price has very little bearing on the actual value of a yacht, especially yachts over 120 feet (37 meters). The norm is 5-50% overpriced. Whereas smaller yachts often have a “blue book” value that can be determined through NADA or sold databases, larger yachts’ values are more difficult to establish which is why our yacht consultants specialize by shipyard.

For example, our Feadship specialist has studied at the Feadship yard, knows the history of this shipyard and the different “models” developed over the years, what is for sale as well as which yachts are not officially for sale. This same yacht consultant has no experience with the Hatteras brand and would be lost trying to advise a yacht buyer in the purchase of a Hatteras. For this reason, we need to re-emphasize that our yacht consultants specialize by shipyard.

We have numerous client testimonials from yacht buyers that have purchased overseas with IYB1 and are now enjoying their new vessels in the USA, Europe, or Asia. We will not only help you find the perfect yacht for your needs, but we will also arrange for everything that comes after the purchase: crew selection, financing, class inspections, shipping and unloading, over-water deliveries, electric conversion, registry deletion and foreign registrations, and refits. Our objective is to always keep you as a client and therefore, make yacht purchasing a pleasant memory.



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