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Farr Yacht Sales is an international yacht brokerage firm specializing in grand prix, racing and performance cruising sailboats. Our brokerage deals in boats designed by our parent corporation, Farr Yacht Design (FYD), and boats of other designs. We also distribute new designs from FYD. Our main office is Annapolis, Maryland, and we have regional offices in Sydney, Australia and Cowes, U.K. These regional teams offer a more personalized service and better sales opportunities. We are working to expand our regional sales model in territories across the globe.

Owners and prospective owners of Farr-designed sailboats can benefit from a close working relationship with FYD, the largest racing sailboat design office in the world. Optimization services, boat histories, sailing performance data, construction methods and racing prospects can be made available to assist owners in making informed choices.

FYS is a first choice for those wishing to sell or purchase Farr-designed and other performance yachts. We are able to provide exceptional service to both buyers and sellers. Collaborating with FYD gives us a unique advantage to satisfy all of our clients.

Featured Boat
photo of 28' Farr 280
28' Farr 280
2015 £75,000

"Fomo" is a highly competitive Farr 280 which has recently had success in the UK's Farr 280 circuit, as well as the HP30 class.

The Farr 280 One Design is a new production racing sailboat by Farr Yacht Design that will deliver the excitement of grand prix racing to the under-30’ one design arena.  As a modern one design, the Farr 280 delivers contemporary grand prix features and style to a more achievable smaller boat package.  The boat will have dynamic performance on all points of sail, with a focus on inshore racing for a moderate crew size of five to six people.  


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