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Welcome to European Yachting Network

European Yachting Network b.v. image EYN is a franchise organisation with impassioned and independent EYN Yachtbrokers.
We sell both new and used yachts. For full specifications of our boats offered, please check the EYN website... So take a look at our website and read more about why we only charge 2% sales commission (Excl. Netherlands VAT)& (minimum €2750 excl. Netherlands VAT) This means that you can sell your boat for a better price, and that you will sell your boat faster! And not only because of the price; also because your boat will be sold through the EYN network! And Stichting EYN Escrow Services will take care of your financial transactions. It is the safest way to sell your boat!

European Yachting Network b.v. image EYN is een franchiseorganisatie met zeer gepassioneerde zelfstandige EYN Jachtmakelaars.
Wij verkopen zowel nieuwe als gebruikte schepen. Neem een kijkje op onze website! en lees meer over waarom wij slechts 2% verkoopcommissie excl BTW en met een minimum van €2750 excl BTW rekenen! Dit betekent dat u met EYN uw schip voor een betere prijs kunt aanbieden en dus eerder verkoopt. Ook omdat uw boot wordt verkocht via het EYN netwerk. Stichting EYN Escrowe Services zorgt voor een veilige financiële afhandeling, de veiligste manier om uw boot te verkopen!

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Turn your passion into your profession and become an EYN Yachtbroker! Call us now at 0031(0)736313620

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Featured Boat
photo of 26' Riva Tritone
26' Riva Tritone
1957 €315,000

UNIQUE! This Riva Tritone named "Flamingo" is unique with a nice history, all documents available.
All Riva were build in mohonagy wood except this nr 35. The Flamingo was ordered by the owner of Polana hotel in Mozambique. Carlo Riva decided to produce this boat from Muninga wood, perfect solid and durable wood! Still Original.
After the civil war in Mozambique the son of the first owner found the boat covered in dust in a shellburning factory. He desided to bring it to Holland were restoration is done by Riva certified company Harting Wooden Classics.
It took them in total 10 years to have it made, a unique Riva Tritone as new. with a Original hull and lot of originals materials. Full documentation. 

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