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Eastland Yachts image Cats hate water! Really?

For nearly 40 years the Hinterhoeller built Nonsuch Cat boats have thrived on the world's water and have been dominate in sailing past fast and larger dogs everywhere. In club races, regattas and blue water racing these cats have proved very competitive. In a class of their own they race against each other in Off Soundings, the bi-annual International Nonsuch regattas and local Nonsuch special weekends that feature day races and night time festivities.
Sailors now refer to all the above as total Nonsuch as these superb sailing boats accomplish all this as a sailing summer cottage; with matching old world joinery, stall showers, private staterooms and a huge back porch (cockpit). Mostly these races are won by a crew of two from the security of the cockpit going to weather like a cat overtaking a frightened dog. Want to learn more?

Eastland Yachts has sold hundreds of Hinterhoeller Nonsuch's over its 40 year history. While in production we were the brand's largest dealer. We have many Nonsuch listings and would be more than happy to help you find your next Nonsuch.

The Nonsuch idea was formulated by Gordon Fisher of Canada, racing yachtsman and defender of the Canada’s Cup. He needed a sturdy, fast, family sailboat the he could race without a crew. To maximize this concept, the elimination of all the problem areas was essential. Jibs, genoas, spinnakers, stays, shrouds were totally eliminated.

Gordon Fisher and designer Mark Ellis rediscovered the catboat and asked George Hinterhoeller, Canada's prestigious boat builder, to build four Nonsuch 30s in 1977. The yachts were not only remarkably well balanced in all conditions but they were superior to many so-called racing machines.

The Hinterholler Nonsuch is a remarkably well built yacht with the ease of a one sail, one sheet sailing experience.

To view the Nonsuch Why & How Video or the Nonsuch Navy feature videos click links provided below or on the left hand side of this website.

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Nonsuch Why and How
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Nonsuch Navy
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