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Dorgan Yachts Location-How to Find the Office

Dorgan Yachts Inc image

Dorgan Yachts Inc image
Dorgan Yachts Inc. is located in the Driscoll Boat Yard on Shelter Island Drive at 2500 Shelter Island Drive in Point Loma.

Heading South
If you are coming South on Interstate Five, after the Seaworld Exit, you will want to take the Rosecrans Exit, which will be simply veering off to the right...

Heading West
You will want to take Interstate 8 West and take the Rosecrans Exit... Head out Rosecrans...

Heading North
You will take Interstate Five North and take the Sunset Cliffs Exit. You will have the San Diego River to the North and will stay to the left until you come to a Stop light. You will want to turn left and stay left, veering left onto Nimitz Blvd. After heading over the hill, you will come to Rosecrans Stop light, and make a right hand turn... continuing down Rosecrans...

Rosecrans On
You will remain on Rosecrans, heading South, out the point and remaining on Rosecrans Street. After you pass a McDonalds, a KFC and then a West Marine on the right, shortly after West Marine, you will want to take a left hand turn on Shelter Island Drive. You will proceed one block, go through the light (This is Scott Street) and continue Straight which is actually heading East. After about a 1/4 mile, on the left, you will see a long slated grey fence with multi Vessels on the Hard, and this is Driscoll Boat Yard.
The Address is
2500 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, Ca 92106

You will want to park your car, and come on in the Yard. There are two gates to the Yard, one large one, and one small, door size gate with a CODE on the handle. During business hours, this is unlocked, so just come on in, head towards the large two story building to the right which is the Main Yard Office. Head for the door, but do NOT go in, and instead, turn to your left, towards the water, and walk out on the concrete Pier. You will see Dorgan Yachts Inc. on the end of the Pier, overlooking the water, the docks, and some of their listings...

To the LEFT of my office is the fleet of YELLOW SEATOW vessels, that rescue boaters in NEED. My office is directly in front of these 'all-yellow boats', and there is a Dorgan Yachts sign outside my office, which is a modular office building literally over the water.....

If you get lost, please do not hesitate to call me and I can give you directions... If you come by and the door is Open, but I am not in the office, I am most likely helping a client in or around the yard, or down helping a client on his/her vessel.

If you arrive, and find there is not any free parking available, and want to park at a meter, please come into the yard/office, or just drop me a call, and I can come out with my 'parking card' or quarters and pay for your parking.….


Monday - Friday
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

(But if your in the area on the weekend, and want to come by, please,call as 90% of the time I am with clients on their boats, or just hanging around on our boat in the Shelter Island/San Diego Bay area...)

Look forward to seeing you or hearing from you soon!

Dorgan Yachts Inc image

Dorgan Yachts Inc. is located on the end of the concrete pier, across from the Driscoll Boat Yard Main Office building
(in the photo off on the right)

Dorgan Yachts Inc

2500 Shelter Island Drive #IC
(Located in the Driscoll Boat Yard)
San Diego, CA 92106, United States

Tel 619-304-9109
Fax (619)-245-4141
Email Us


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