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Marine Surveyors

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Below is a list of Marine Surveyor's for you to look over and choose from. Dorgan Yachts, Inc,/ Michael Dorgan have used all with the exception of Mr. Bowman and all have a good reputation. Mr Bowman is on the list as I have heard good things about him.

Dorgan Yachts, Inc./Michael Dorgan and/or Associates strongly recommends that you survey any used vessel you are attempting to purchase. It is your prerogative to choose which ever surveyor you wish. Dorgan Yachts does not accept liability for the services provided, nor does it guarantee or warrant the services and cannot recommend any surveyor to you.

This list is to be a service aid and is in no way a recommendation list.

Please email or call me if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Michael Dorgan
Dorgan Yachts, Inc.

Bob Smith Marine Surveyor,
LLC_Bob Smith_
3639 Midway Dr, Suite B, #215
San Diego, CA 92110-5254

Destache Yacht Service
2907 Shelter Island Drive #105-157
San Diego, CA 92106

Bowman Marine Survey
John Bowman_Serving Southern California

Christopher D. Tibbe
161 E18th. St. #21
Costa Mesa, CA. 92627
(949) 922-3929
(Referred Bunker Hill)

Bill Fox Marine Surveyor

Marine Surveyors Group
Leroy Lester
1310 Rosecrans Street_Suite K
San Diego CA 92106

Marine Surveyors, Inc.
Marvin Henderson
2726 PMB 1 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego CA 92106
619-588-4702 or 619-224-3164

Bunker A. Hill - Surveyor Associate
Bunker A. Hill Marine Surveyor
P.O. Box 3348
Newport Beach, California 92659
949-646-3038 -O, 949-422-9563 -Mobile, 949-646-1834 -Fax

Mike Gearheart- LONG BEACH
Referred by Bill Fox

Dorgan Yachts Inc image

Dorgan Yachts Inc

2500 Shelter Island Drive #IC
(Located in the Driscoll Boat Yard)
San Diego, CA 92106, United States

Tel 619-304-9109
Fax (619)-245-4141
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