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NW Yachtnet & Discovery Yachts

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NW Yachtnet, Tacoma WA

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NW Yachtnet & Discovery Yachts NA, Seattle WA

NW Yachtnet & Discovery Yachts, two great companies, have merged, to give you even better service!

NW Yachtnet in Tacoma WA was founded 5 years ago by Bob Berglund CPYB & Kurt Kingman CPYB to serve the NW Yachting community. Discovery Yachts was founded 17 years ago by Michael Locatell CPYB and Elizabeth Locatell to serve the Offshore & Coastal Cruising Community. Discovery Yachts North America owner Michael Locatell CPYB will continue as the North American importer for Malo Yachts AB, Regina af Vindo Pilot House Yachts AB and Farr Deck Saloon Yachts by Malo.

With over 150 years of combined experience in helping Yacht buyers build their new dream yacht, or find the right Brokerage Yacht, our team of nine Seattle and Tacoma CPYB Brokers are eager to share our knowledge with you. So stop by and meet our Seattle office CPYB Brokers, Michael Locatell CPYB, Mark Gilbert CPYB and Paris Woodard CPYB or in our Tacoma office, Bob Berglund CPYB, Kurt Kingman CPYB, Matt Palmer CPYB, Dana Motlik CPYB and Dave Carleson CPYB. Whether you are looking for a new or brokerage Sailing Yacht or a Motor Yacht, we will work as a team to assist you in finding a Yacht that is right for you.

If you are thinking of selling your Yacht please contact us at 877-215-0559 or 206-301-9104 to learn about NW Yachtnet's unique Yacht Marketing programs!

We are very pleased to represent five of the world's finest manufacturers of New performance, offshore Sailing yachts and Fathom Trawlers! Our many trips around the globe and and many years of combined cruising experience have led to our careful selection of:

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Grand Soleil Yachts - 'Our new Italian line of Yachts' - With an selection in 39, 43, 47, 50, and the new 54 foot models, these fabulously functional custom high performance yachts are the highest quality and a great value as well. Not to be missed by those considering a European performance yacht...

Malö - 'The Other Swedish Yacht' - With an excellent selection in 37, 40, 43, 47 and the new 54 foot models, these fabulously functional custom performance cruisers are the highest quality and a great value as well. Not to be missed by those considering a European yacht...

Malö Deck Saloon designed By Farr Yacht Design - offered in 525 & 585 models.

Regina of Vindö Yachts - This is a unique Swedish yard with an exceptional Pilot Saloon series. Nicknamed “the Rolls Royce of the Seas”, their custom 35', 38’, 40', 43’ and 49’ models are beautiful and capable offshore vessels.

Fathom Trawlers - (Page under construction).

Wauquiez Yachts
- pronounced (vo key ay) of France is another vessel we've had substantial experience with, and so you'll find well-appointed brokerage Wauquiez models amongst our list of quality brokerage yachts for sale.

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Discovery Yachts

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