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I must first say I do not do testimonials as I don't care to have my 'words' tossed around, and frankly I personally usually don't put much stock in testimonials. Having said that, I have made an exception for a person I believe to be an exceptional individual. I met Don Foster who was representing not me, but the seller of a boat that I bought! I have purchased many boats but I was most impressed with Don. He was always very upfront, honest, even keeled, thoughtful and impeccably on time with everything. I absolutely felt, even though he represented someone other than me, that he wanted a happy seller but wanted a happy buyer just as much. It was obvious his integrity and his reputation made up the foundation of his business philosophy, something not real common today, and for that and his gentlemanly approach I am appreciative. There no doubt are many wonderful boat brokers, but I do not believe you could ever find a more experienced or solid person than Don Foster. I would buy or sell a boat through him in a heartbeat.

Jeff Thomas, DDS

Hi Greg

Thank you once again. Your professionalism and willingness to help has made this a easy task for me. My email register reads 139 emails dealing with the purchase of this vessel, the majority of these are between you and I. Happy to give you and your company a reference any day.

Thank you once again, if you are ever in Australia please look me up.


Don Foster was my broker for the sale of my boat. He did a great job. He sold the boat to an overseas buyer and handled all aspects of the sale. He did a great job.

Gilbert Laite

Dear Don: I write to thank you for your most recent e-mail with regard to the sale of my Cabo. I realize that the current market situation is not the best for those of us wanting to sell a boat. I believe the last boat you sold for me took only 3 weeks. I figured that the current economic situation might lengthen that timeframe somewhat. Nonetheless, as always, I appreciate your efforts and your tenacious professional approach to the sale of your clients’ boats.

With kind regards,

Jack H. Walters
Walters, Krauskopf & Baker
Attorneys at law
204 North Elm Street
P.O. Box 119
Moorefield, WV 26836


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