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RogueWave Yacht Sales joins David Walters Yachts

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RogueWave Yacht Sales joins David Walters Yachts

David Walters Yachts image Hi There! We are Kate and Bernie of RogueWave Yacht Sales, “Your Choice for Bluewater Boats! We are proud and happy to have merged our special company with David Walters Yachts, a powerhouse in the industry. We are quite honored to have the opportunity to be a part of something bigger. We are now the RogueWave Division of David Walters Yachts. We will continue to serve our clients, buyers and sellers, with the same passion for boats of quality, substance and style and with our love for the oceans and for the people who share our passion.

Through all our experience we are able to guide our clients to help them get a boat (within their budget) that will allow them to achieve their cruising dreams. It is through many years of sailing all over the place in all kinds of conditions and living aboard and cruising that has given us our base of experience. It is because of the many years of owning and maintaining our own boats from our Bristol Channel Cutters, “Aloha” and “Indigo”, to Bernie’s Norseman 447 and his Valiant 40. We also owned a magnificent 2002 Hallberg Rassy 53 named “Solstice” on which we won the Bermuda Cup with Steve Black aboard. We owned and sailed Solstice far and then as the business got bigger, we downsized to a our Valiant 42, "Mahalo", which we ordered new from the factory when we were Valiant Dealers. While the factory did stop building new in 2010, we have sold more than 45 Valiant. We love our Valiant Yachts and we know everything about them. I guess that is why we sell so many of them.

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Since 1998, we have sold over 847 boats. We have remained focused on our bluewater ocean going sailing vessels, vessels of quality, substance and style, and those liveaboard cruising boats we love. Over the years we’ve helped more than 1000 sailors get into their dream boat. So many of our clients have sailed far; more than a few have circumnavigated. Virtually all of our clients have been successful in realizing their sailing vision. Equally important, when they were done cruising, we have been able to get them out of their boat. We are always thinking about the exit strategy even when that is not the first thing our clients are thinkin about at the time the are starting the dream.

So if you want to find the right boat for your sailing vision please call us! We are still right here in Annapolis MD where we remain Your Choice for Blue Water Boats!

If you want to sell your bluewater ocean going sailboat and maybe switch to power for the next chapter, we are here to help. We are very good at selling the boats we love and appreciate. We are thrilled to have all the resources of David Walters Yachts available to help you anywhere on both coasts! Most of all, we want you to know that we are still here and happy to serve you as the RogueWave Division of David Walters Yachts!

Come see us in Annapolis MD.

Reach us at 410 571-2955 or better yet, call Bernie!

Reach Bernie at or on his cell phone at 443-742-1792


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