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Crosshaven Boatyard image Crosshaven Boatyard was founded in 1950 and has been a family based company since the earliest days.

Originally specialising in the building and maintenance of small pleasure and fishing craft the yard has diversified to offer an extremely extensive range of up to date services to the pleasure and professional seagoing community.

The boatyard is most convenient to the Royal Cork Yacht Club the oldest yacht club in the world, established in 1720.

During the days of boatbuilding at Crosshaven, many world renowned craft were constructed at the yard, including Gypsy Moth, Moonduster and Tim Severin's Saint Brendan. Today, Crosshaven Boatyard are Irish Agents for Dufour, Kelt and Oyster. These quality boats represent a broad range for every taste and budget from small sports boats to family cruisers to blue water yachts capable of taking their owners safely and comfortably to any corner of the world.


Crosshaven Boatyard

Crosshaven Boatyard
Co.Cork, Ireland

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