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Buyers Assistance

Coastline Yacht Sales image Coastline Yacht Sales offers free exclusive personal service to prospective buyers of the approximately 42,000 boats for sale on the U.S. East Coast.

Let us represent you on these boats exclusively!


Evaluation: A. Written answers to your specific questions

B. Photos illustrating your areas of concern

C. Arranging: Independent Certified Marine

Surveys, Engine Surveys, Electronic Surveys

Negotiating Price:

A. Comparison with sister-ships for sale

B. Comparison with sold prices of sister-ships

C. Discussing with listing broker

Offer to Purchase:

A. Securing your money-deposit in Coastline's

bonded escrow account in Bank Of America

B. Negotiating with owner's broker

C. Preparing and submitting offer documents

D. Consulting and exchanging counter offers

E. Safe keeping of deposit until settlement or

refund to buyer if boat is not purchased


A. Marine Survey

B. Sea Trials

C. Engine Survey

D. Other Related Tasks


A. Submittal of buyer's acceptance of vessel and

to buy at the original accepted purchase


B. Or, submittal of buyer's offer to buy only

with a monetary allowance for deficiencies

C. Or, submittal of buyer's withdraw of offer

and return of deposit


A. Preparation of bills of sale and related


B. Exchange of ownership, title and insurance

for the buyer's funds in the final agreed


C. Seller's broker pays coastline's commission

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Coastline Yacht Sales

The Anchorage Marina
Baltimore, MD 21224, United States

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