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"Experience, Tradition, Dynamism, Technology, and above all Passion represent the Group’s DNA, which continues with my children Francesca, Monica and Edoardo and which characterises all the Nautica Casarola staff"
Cesare Casarola

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Nautica Casarola

A state-of-the-art qualified reference point for sales, quality of services and customer support network, Nautica Casarola is now present throughout the national territory with a highly specialized network of commercial, and pre- and post-sale technical assistance. The Showroom, the Service Point Marina and many innovative operational structures are located in strategic locations throughout the peninsula (Peschiera del Garda, La Spezia, Porto Cervo, Olbia) as to ensure its ship-owners a timely and competent support.

50 years of Riva in Italy

Nautica Casarola inextricably links its history to the brand Riva. It was Established 50 years ago by Cesare Casarola – its current president – with the steadfast support by Carlo Riva at the dawn of private yachting in Italy. The professional assets and skills gained by Nautica Casarola are very relevant: the yards and workshops are competent in promptly restore any kind of hulls, both in wood and fiberglass, and offer a complete overhaul of any typology, horsepower and brand of engines. It uses the most modern equipment for diagnosis, intervention and testing and holds the crowning glory represented by the world’s unique ability to bring back the original splendor of the legendary mahogany Riva boats.
Energy, renewal, ability to take on new challenges and a look at the future with confidence.

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Who we are

Whether you are looking for a brand new yacht, for approved used offers, for specialized nautical services, for technical assistance or for an accurate refurbishment of vintage nautical jewels, the specialized branches of Nautical Casarola – Service, Marina and Yacht – provide a unique point of reference. With professionalism and competence, Nautica Casarola ensures maximum security and serenity at every life’s stage of the yacht.
Experience, Tradition, Dynamism, Technology, and especially Passion are the DNA of the Group that my children Francesca, Monica and Edoardo carry on and that characterizes all the staff at Nautica Casarola.

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