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Boy Scouts Of America Donation


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Boy Scouts Of America Donation

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Cabrillo Yacht Sales image Over 16,000 youth served: Through traditional programs such as Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts as well as targeted programs for socio-economically challenged youth.
Preparing the future of America: In 2014, 481 young men in our area achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. Over 100,000 hours of community service
were donated by our youth through community
service projects including Scouting for Food, habitat
restoration, trail building, conservation projects and more.

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image A century of making a difference: With 100 years of experience, Scouting has equipped leaders to weather the storms of life. In the open air classrooms of lakes, meadows, beaches and mountain tops the timeless values of character and citizenship, duty to God and to country are taught.

We have set a course set for the next 100 years continuing to bring timeless values into the present day of our youth. We need you to be the wind in our sails, moving us forward.

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image A Message from the Boy Scouts:

It is our belief that we have a proposal which will be mutually beneficial to you and the youth we serve. In exchange for your donation to the San Diego-Imperial Council of the Boy Scouts:

    You will receive a financial benefit from your boat. We will do this by providing you with the tax deduction for the full sale price of the vessel.

    We will take immediate ownership of the boat and with it assume all of the related expenses including slip fees, insurance, maintenance, cleaning etc.

    You can be assured, that all of the monies received from the sale of your boat will benefit local scouting programs.

Simply put, we will immediately alleviate you of all responsibilities related to this boat. In turn, you will be making a difference in the lives of the 16,000 youth we serve, which will certainly impact the future of San Diego and the United States.

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image We are prepared to act as quickly. Donate Today! Call Amber Green today at 619-298-6121.

Or you can email Cabrillo Yacht Sales Click To Send E-mail

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