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Founded in 1973, Ta Yang Yacht Building Co., Ltd. has built over 1,200 bluewater cruising yachts to date. This world renowned custom yacht builder offers a full array of sailboats ranging from 37' to 70', many of which offer aft or center cockpits, deck salon or pilothouse options.

Tayana Yachts have been considered the leader in building custom interiors for the last two decades, offering its clients the luxury of getting the luxury of getting a living arrangement they want, rather than having to settle for the compromise of a production boat. Using the finest in exotic woods, the best equipment such as Lewmar, Whitlock, Yanmar engines and Selden Spars to name a few, Ta Yang has achieved the reputation for building one of the finest semi-custom blue water cruising yachts in the world, at an affordable price.

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Luxury and Performance, Horizon to Horizon
Imagine a serious cruising yacht, custom built around a proven and well respected ocean-going hull, with a fit-out and rig perfectly suited to your requirements. Now step inside the salon; everything from the upholstery to the air conditioning is just as you would have it! Its the kind of boat that, once you own one, you'll stop looking at others. Tayana Yachts brings your ultimate dream boat into reality with their range of customized ocean cruising yachts from 37'-64' and beyond.

Serious Comfort

Luxuries aside, the true comfort of every blue-water sailor comes from their confidence in the construction and strength of their yacht. With 33 years experience and over 1400 yachts sailing worldwide, Tayana really knows how to build superb yachts that last. In fact, the refinements of Tayana Yachts go way beyond where the eye can see. For example; Tayana Yachts have an integrally molded keel and rudder skeg. The windows are armor-plated laminated glass, while modern construction techniques throughout, ensure strength without unnecessary weight. Along with the compliments, Tayana Yachts always take onboard owner's suggestions to bring out the very best in quality, comfort and dependability for today's sailors.

Tayana Wins...On Value, Volume and Resale

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of a Tayana Yacht for the discerning sailor is the incredible value they represent for such spacious boats. A lower base cost and greater internal space often allow owners to "outfit" their yacht with a washer/dryer, dishwasher, air conditioning, entertainment systems, incemaker, satellite communications, etc., etc. Further testament to the quality of Tayana Yachts is their resale value which makes your investment in reaching the destination of your dreams in a Tayana even more appealing. Check out the prices of used Tayanas alongside any other branch after, say 5 years...even 20 years. You will be amazed at how well Tayanas hold their value.

Extend your horizons...look no further than Tayana

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Cabrillo Yacht Sales image

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