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Cabrillo Yacht Sales image

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image NOVATEC Yachts are available with features and conveniences normally found only on the finest mega yachts. From a hardtop over the flybridge with optional solid windshields for comfortable cruising, to icemakers, gensets and even a bathtub for pleasurable living, every desirable luxury is available from NOVATEC. Plus, owners can customize their boat to fit their individualized needs. It's all part of the NOVATEC experience. And, it's all affordable because NOVATECS can be built at far below the cost of a US-manufactured boat, allowing you to treat yourself to those special amenities.

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image Drawing upon its two decades of experience building military patrol boats and pleasure crafts, NOVATEC designs all of its yachts from the keel up for optimal safety. NOVATEC employs redundancy and oversized fittings to assure trouble-free cruising including dual Racor filters, UL approved bronze thru hull fittings and oversized safety rails and cleats.

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image Established in 1983, the builder, Nova Marine is currently ranked among the four largest yacht yards in Taiwan, ROC and is located approximately 20 miles south of country's capital, Taipei. Nova's primary market is the United States. In addition, its cruising and high-performance vessels have made Nova Marine a popular brand in Europe, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia.

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Cabrillo Yacht Sales image Nova Marine builds everything from high-tech yachts and recreation boats to military patrol boats and medical vessels. Nova Marine is committed to satisfying the highest attainable standard for all of its products, regardless of size and price. To accomplish this goal, Nova Marine meticulously uses the best craftsmen, methods and materials available to assure that each buyer's expectations are met and exceeded.

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image In addition to its level of quality and craftsmanship, Nova Marine believes in building its Novatec yachts with safety redundancies and unique features to set them apart from other yachts. For example, these redundancies and features include:

  • (2) A/C independent units with separate water pumps
  • Dual Racor filters for each engine
  • Extra thick solid hull (not foam filled below the water line)
  • Fuel system – cools fuel and forward tanks automatically flow to aft tank
  • Fresh or saltwater flush on heads
  • Non-metal floor in engine room to prevent corrosion
  • Boat alarm sensors
  • High water alarm
  • Exhaust temperature alarm
  • Sight and electrical gauges on all tanks (fuel and water)

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image To date, Nova Marine manufactures several boats under its Novatec name, including its Trawler, Islander and European Motor Yacht Series. Each series can be built in several sizes, and as always, each boat built is custom to its buyer's specifications. No two Novatec yachts are exactly alike expressing the uniqueness of each buyer's personal preferences.

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image

Cabrillo Yacht Sales image


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