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Leisure Time Electronics, Inc., 913 Krazel Dr., Camp Hill, PA, 17011, USA, (tel) 717 731 6125, (fax) 717 731 6147. E-mail.
Manufacture and sell through distributors and sales agents an electronic beverage dispenser for use in galleys, staterooms and fun rooms.
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4M - Mouldings, Mouldings, Mouldings & More, Inc., 4410 Belgrade Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19137, USA, (tel) 215-533-1000, (fax) 215-535-1035. E-mail.
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Zangrilli Design, 1629 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA, 19148, USA, (tel) (215) 465-2145, (fax) (215) 465-6546. E-mail.
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