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Fronius Schweissmaschinen, buxbaumstrasse 2, wels, 4600, Austria, (tel) +43 (0)7242 241 0. E-mail.
leading producer of welding machines for steel, aluminium, stainless steels and all other metals. whole product range in the lines of mig, wig and electrode welding. special range of seawater-proof pr
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Moerth Marine, Triesterstrasse 150-152, Graz, Feldkirchen, Austria, (tel) +0043-316-29-39-29, (fax) +0043-316-29-34-28.
It doesn't matter what you want. We have it. Otherwise we will manage to get it. Boat equipment in another way. Watch our Website. About 20,000 different goods are waiting.
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