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TQFab, 5380 Muskingum River Rd, Lowell, OH, 45744, USA, (tel) 888-DOCK-NOW. E-mail.
Builders of custom floating boat docking systems including custom lift docks. We make, and deliver up to 12' wide. We also make low-floating rowing crew docking systems.
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Sorgen Refrigeration, 2156 East State Road, Port Clinton, OH, 43452, USA, (tel) (419) 734-2511, (fax) (419) 734-5131. E-mail.
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Whitford Enterprises, PO Box 134, Barberton, OH, 44203, USA, (tel) (330) 753 9189, (fax) (330) 745-6763. E-mail.
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