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Qingdao Evergreen Shipping Supplies, Dianji Industry Park, Qingdao, 266200, China, (tel) 86-532-84591888, (fax) 86-532-88898654. E-mail.
Evergreen is a leading manufacturer of marine rubber fenders, floating pneumatic fender (Yokohama Fenders), foam filled fenders, offshore buoys products, marine airbags, boat buoys, yacht fenders.
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Seapeak Marine Outfitting Co., Ltd, Suzhou, China, (tel) +865 1265 309371, (fax) +865 1265 309351. E-mail.
A history of over 30 years in marine equipments such as windows, doors, hatch covers, manhole covers, marine ladders, winches, chocks etc
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JSNT Seat co, Nan Chuan Yuan 28-102, Nantong, China, (fax) +86 51 35257225. E-mail.
We sell tractor SEAT, lawnmower SEAT, grass bag, grass catcher, motorbicycle SEAT, industrial SEAT, boat SEAT, accessories, marine hardware. All adjustable.
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