Add a New Listing

Please Read This

This process assumes you want to add a new listing to the Boating Yellow Pages (BYP).

If you have an existing listing, and have not yet located it and printed it, please follow these instructions.

If you have an existing listing, have located it and printed it, please read on.

Send us a New Listing

You can add your company's free listing to the Boating Yellow Pages by choosing Add Your Listing from the navigation on the left.

With the new BYP, you can choose up to three categories and up to three sub-categories for each listing. It's a good idea to choose the category first. This action establishes the contents of the sub-category list, which otherwise is empty.

More categories and sub-categories means more Internet-savvy mariners can find you. It also means that your listing tells more about your business, because of the category entries you include. You can also add up to 200 characters, including spaces, that describe your business.

Once you send us your listing and it is approved, we'll send you an e-mail message containing your BYP password. This means that you can edit and alter your listing according to whatever changes you make to your business.

Take a moment to review the navigation on the left, and locate Log In to Edit Your Listing. That's where you'll complete any updates you want, once you have your password.

The Fine Print

We expect that if you send us your listing, that you are a bona fide marine-related business with a legitimate operation in the geography where your business is based, meaning the physical address you include in your listing.

You can add other locations where you consider yourself a bona fide marine-related business by including those locales in your description. Then site visitors can find you using the BYP Keyword search.

Our Review Process

Once we receive your listing, humans review what you've written. We may correct misspelled words and fix minor grammar errors, and have your listing up within a week or so. We send a second e-mail message once your listing has been activated.

Active Listings

Once sent to us, listings remain inactive until our review process is complete. Once edited, listings again become inactive until our review process is complete.

No-cost Listing

Today, this listing is no charge to businesses for a basic listing.

Listings We Usually Approve

We accept listings from marine, boating, or water-based business with customers--worldwide. enjoys a worldwide site visitorship. You can also send us listings in your own language. Be aware, however, that we are technically limited to Pan-European languages.

Listings We Can't Approve

Of course, we cannot approve listings from adult content companies, or other listings not appropriate for our site visitors. When you want to know more about and our site visitors, you can read about us.