How To Edit an Existing Listing

Step One: Confirm Your Existing Listing

Please use the navigation to the left and choose Search for a Marine Business. Choose an easy way--either by category or location--to locate your existing listing, and print the page that contains it.

Make whatever edits you want on the printed copy.

We recommend against using the Company Name search, since today, any mismatch in characters fails to find a match.

Have a password?

If you already have a password, choose the Log in to Edit Your Listing link, and edit your listing. Note that every time you edit your listing, it goes through our review process.

Don't have a password?

If you do not have a password, look in the listing for an e-mail address, then choose either Step A or Step B, whichever is true for your listing.

Listings We Can't Approve

Of course, we cannot approve listings from adult content companies, or other listings not appropriate for our site visitors. When you want to know more about and our site visitors, you can read about us.

Step A: The e-mail in the listing is valid and we still use it for the business

From the navigation on the left, please choose Forgot Your Password? and type your e-mail address in the box. We will send you your password, then you can edit your listing whenever necessary.

You can also change your password if you want, so it is easier for you to remember.

Finally, you may be interested in the right-most column, titled "The Fine Print," on this page.

Step B: The e-mail address in the listing is not valid, we don't use it anymore, or the listing does not contain an e-mail address

Because you found your original listing, we ask that you add a duplicate listing following these instructions, and then send us a note asking us to delete the old listing. Please include the old company name in your note.