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Clive, We are so so so so excited, that's 4 times happy and so excited! We continue to work through insurance requirements. We think all of the boxes are checked and it should be ready for review. Thank you again for your fabulous work at orchestrating all of these players. We are amazed at how it is coming together. You are a remarkable team and it has been a pleasure working with you. You have made it fun! Jay & Shelly 2017-07-13

BVI broker recommendation This is just to share the excellent experience i had selling my boat through BVI Yacht Sales. Todd Duff did a great job as a broker and Karen Simpson a stellar job in handling a closing that involved many countries. They will not take a listing at a price that a boat cannot be sold but once they take a listing they work on it. Buyer got a great deal but I have no problem with that. I would not hesitate to my next boat through BVI Yacht Sales.
Carlos, S/V La Morocha, 2016-07-29 (posted in Cruisers Forum) Go to Testimonial

Hi Chris, Thanks for writing and the very thoughtful reply. You seem like a very kind person and you should let the owners know I'd enjoy working with you to see if we could make a deal happen here. Some of the other brokers I've dealt with on 6-figure boats are almost rude or snobbish but you are quite the opposite.
Rich Whitlock, 2016-11-08

Chris...And thank you again for your time on this one. I learnt a lot re the Beneteau and production yachts generally as well as charter yachts. Great yachts for what they are designed to do. It was a huge benefit to be able to wander amongst the yachts up on the hard in The BVI and have those discussions with you.
From John Munro, Tasmania. 2016-11-01

Hi Chris, To be very honest and upfront, in my research of "buying in the BVI" you name has come up at least a dozen times. Never once has it been negative! Not knowing you or anyone else there I am only going by your reputation and the fact that a good one must be earned. I have not, nor do I plan to involve another broker in my search. I am sure you can, and will find just what we are looking for in due time.
Regards, Tom Thayer, RE: s/v Out Of The Crisis, 2016-09-13

Thank you both for an outstanding job in helping us move through this entire process. It's taken a while, but all for good reasons and in the end, we definitely feel great about the purchase and the condition of vessel!
Mike Draper, S/V Happy Together, 2016-08-19

Todd, you are a true professional and have earned my trust. I will use you as my broker, as well as recommend you to others.
Richard Wessel, RE: S/V Lucille, 2016-08-10

Hi Chris, I’ve strongly mentioned our very positive experience buying a yacht through www.bviyachtsales.com with quite a few people ! We think you personally are one of the best out there. Good sailing ahead for you and yours. Thanks again,
Scott Ladd Mills, S/V Curandera, 2016-07-25

Chris, Penny commented that you seem to be real honest broker and forthright on boat issues. A real pleasure when you look at some of the other brokers we dealt with here stateside. I told her you would the preferred broker I would want to deal with when purchasing a boat if we had a choice.
Stan and Penny Patterson, RE: S/V Lucille, 2016-07-14

Hi Chris, I believe that you are one of the few honest boat brokers around and you have been open about Lucille from the outset. I'm sorry we didn't do business through you in the end but who knows, maybe one day we will.
Len, RE: S/V Lucille, 2016-07-14

Anchors away! Dear Clive, Thank you for being the best facilitator of our excellent holiday. We are thrilled with the boat and much appreciate the essential advice you've given us - not always followed! But appreciated. Thanks also for sending me the boat docs via Justin - who has been a great go to person for Greg to call. We left Peter's Barbados flag in your office. I've emailed Peter to thank him for the boat and to let him know the flag is with you if he would like it back. Clive, we've met many happy sailors who brought their boat from you. We are very happy to be part of your fleet!
Best wishes, Tracy & Greg Dee, S/V Options, 2016-06-14

Thanks Chris, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your interest in Lucille. You have gone way beyond what a broker is required to do. Thank you so much.
Gary Cretcher, S/V Lucille, 2016-06-08

Our thanks to Todd and Karen for all their help and support while we worked through the process of buy a sailboat. I am a recently retired banker who has been involved in numerous buy/sell business deals in my career and don't recall a smoother sale/purchase. Besides helping us with the purchase, Rita and I now have new friends to trade sea stories with!
Lonnie & Rita Parsons, S/V Captains Quarters II, 2016-05-16

Hi Chris, I have dealt with brokers in the past both bad and good but let me tell you that you come out on top of any and all boat brokers i have had dealings with. Let me thank you again for your honest and very professional advice as well as your support in my search for the right boat. Kind Regards,
Hans Hofmann, 2016-04-20

Karen & Chris: All's well that ends well !!... In spite of the frustration, business hiccups do happen.The measure of a business is the speed and professionalism that goes into solving a challenge and ending up with a Permanent solution. I will still recommend BVI Yacht sales to my cruising friends which, I have already done. Regards & Success in your future sales
Mike & Nicole Baxter, S/V Vie Boheme, 2016-03-31

Dear Todd, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did for my wife Angie and myself during the recent purchase of our boat. We were especially impressed with your willingness to go way above and beyond what would traditionally be considered the duties of the seller’s broker to help us, the buyers! You helped to make what could have been a stressful experience, in fact, delightful!! We flew down to Tortola with the intention to look at a boat and fly home the next day. We ended up deciding to buy the boat, which presented us with some problems. Although the boat is a 2012, it had been neglected and needed a lot of work. We decided it would be best to stay and get the boat fixed up but I had to return to the U.S. to work and Angie didn’t have any experience working with boats. While you could have decided that your duties to us, as the seller’s broker were over, you, instead, helped Angie arrange all the work that needed to be done. You introduced her to contractors, offered your discount at the local marine parts store, worked on her behalf with the boatyard, and made sure she was OK for the entire ten days she spent getting the boat finished. Then, you took a whole morning out of your day to help her position the boat back to Trellis Bay and even agreed to keep an eye on it until we could return to bring her home. Your work ethic and integrity is very refreshing in a profession where that is not always the case. Your willingness to help us out as you did speaks volumes about you as a person! We’ve already recommended you to friends. Thank you very much!!
Dixon and Angie Pearce, S/V As You Wish, 2016-03-27

Dear Chris & Karen, Rick and I wanted to thank you so much for all your work and help in finding our cruiser, We are very pleased with our purchase and can't wait to start our new adventure, see you in the fall, thanks again,
Rick & Noreen, S/V Vie Boheme, 2016-03-23

Dear Todd, Ria and I were sorry not to be able to say our thanks and farewell personally so I am afraid that an Email will have to suffice. Our sincere thanks for all your help and advice in the search for the boat for Denise and then in the current refit and preparation for their Pacific trip. We really were extremely impressed with the way that you handled Denise's many questions and requests, both before we arrived on the BVIs and once we started looking at possible boats. Your advice on how to approach the considerable work that we have undertaken and help with contacts has been invaluable and will certainly be a major factor in what I believe will be a very successful project. Ria and I are currently on our way back to UK; we feel that we have done what was needed to get Denise and Nick on the way with the various projects and feel confident that with Geoff's and your continuing help Sold the Farm will emerge as a well found yacht ready for the Pacific crossing. As well as all the help, we really enjoyed your company and learnt much in the process; very many thanks for these. All very best wishes to you and Gail for the future; "fair winds and clean diesel!!!"
kind regards Ria and Duncan, S/V Sold The Farm, 2016-03-15

Hi Chris! I hope you have not left for the day, before receiving this official HERITAGE closing THANK YOU! I really honestly heartfully thank you for all that you did in representation of HERITAGE sale. You always readily replied to my concerns and questions, throughout the past ten months and I felt were very honest in telling me of your views and expectations, supported ALWAYS with good number of years of expertise and experience. Karen was equally on top of things in the closing process, never missing a beat. I am excited for the new owners and know they have a wonderful life adventure ahead. HERITAGE will be good to them, I am certain. Please provide me Todd's email. I never had the pleasure of meeting him. My best to you and BVI Yacht Sales Company! I am certain that because of the staff and operation that you maintain, it will continue to be successful! Warmest regards,
Nancy Mudd, S/V Heritage, 2016-02-29

Hello Todd, We just wanted to thank you for all your work in the quick sale of our vessel. Your efforts were much appreciated. We would definitely recommend your services to anyone buying or selling a vessel in the Caribbean.
Thanks again, Paul & Wendy Lynagh S/V Sapphire Breeze, 2016-02-12

Hi Chris, You're a gentleman and a scholar! Thank you for your effort in my interest and your honest appraisal of this boat! An unusually forthright effort! As you well know, boat owners can be an enigmatic crowd! If I were to eventually buy a boat I would hope you would be my broker. Thanks for your attention to my concerns and hopefully we can do business in the future. Thanks again and best regards,
Michael, s/v Here Comes The Sun, 2016-01-04

Chris and Karen: Thanks for everything and Karen did. It was so great to have your help - especially with the details that we forgot about. You guys make a great team! When we are headed back, we will definitely let you now. You always have a place to stay if you are ever in PR. Blessing to you both. After I have send this e-mail the champagne bottle will be opened !!! Thanks for your support and perseverance to make this happen. It has been a pleasure working with you, and we really mean that.
Dan and Kiki, s/v Ocean Dancer, 2015-12-17

Dear Todd, I wanted to write and express how fortunate Kathy and I feel at having made a connection with you. We are so grateful that you are willing to share your tremendous expertise with us. While purchasing a new boat is an exciting event, for people of our skill set his also very intimidating. Your knowledge and integrity have created an opportunity for us to enjoy this process in a way that would have been impossible alone. So this is a say thank you for your caring and your support.
Michael and Kathy, 2015-12-15

No surprise. The BVIYS team are the best in the boat biz!
Pete Rossall s/v Shirley Jean, 2015-11-20

Being from New Zealand & wanting to purchase a yacht in the Caribbean, we took the recommendation of a friend & asked Clive Allen to be our broker. Clive listened to our plans & gave invaluable advice. He found half a dozen good options & after many Emails & a few Skype sessions he had found our boat for us. Being 8,000 miles away it gave us great comfort to know we could rely on & trust Clive & the team at BVI yacht sales. Even after we had taken ownership of our yacht Clive helped us find a dinghy & motor to suit our needs & gave advice on where to go for various marine equipment, where the better anchorages were & things to do & more importantly things to avoid. Karen Simpson made the bank transactions & the the deregistration of our boat straight forward . We would recommend the team at BVI yacht sales to anyone wanting to purchase a boat.
Stu and Lesley, S/Y Sula, 2015-11-10

Dear Chris, I've seen the websites of BVI Yacht Sales and Yacht world on my boat. I'm very happy with how the presentation looks. I am very optimistic and I hope that we will sell the boat soon .. Good luck. Kind regards
Eduardo Gonzalez, S/V Bogavante, 2015-10-13

Subject: Re: done deal! Cool. See you an Tortola. Beers on me. Thank you and nice job.
Cheers Darin, S/V Bye Bye, 2015-10-12

Thanks Clive! This is very exciting. Now to the fun part of getting used to sailing her! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help. We would not have been able to do this without your guidance. I would even go as far to say that you made this an enjoyable experience! I look forward to seeing you when we pick up and will get you those details soon. I will be sure to get the champagne on ice before Maria gets home! Take care and talk soon!
Jonny & Maria, 2015-10-06

I want to add that we truly appreciate your professionalism. ... Your guidance makes a big difference in a providing us a better frame of mind to move forward in a deliberate fashion. We look forward to a long lasting professional relationship with you and one that becomes a valued friendship.
Ruby, George and Brad, s/v Calypso of Tortola, 2015-07-22

Hi Chris, Feels good to have closed on the boat and be largely finished with most of the associated details. I agree that I couldn't have done much better within my budget, so I am fully satisfied with how this ended up. As I've said before, I don't think this would have been possible (and certainly not advisable) to do without you on the job. Thank you.
Will Marks, S/V Paradox 2015-06-30

Thank you for every thing, Chris. I couldn't imagine trying to manage long distance boat buying on my own, or even with a lesser broker. You've been a tremendous asset through this process. All the best,
Will, S/V Paradox, 2015-06-12

Good morning Chris, Thank you for your continued time, honesty and expertise. ALL of your points were well taken. I GREATLY appreciate the dialogue we have shared. It has provided me a much greater understanding of the process and respect for you, as the negotiator between two parties. Seriously and most sincerely, thank you for being so receptive to my email. Please know that I have full confidence in your expertise and am trusting the unfolding events, as they are presented to us. Putting you at the helm, so to speak, is in the best interest of all. With continued appreciation and confidence,
Nancy, S/V Heritage, 2015-05-21

Hi Chris Thankyou also for everything and I am sorry for the unwanted stress. Your help and guidance all proved to be spot on and was much appreciated. All the best
John, S/V Vagabond, 2015-04-17

Clive: As we are now seriously preparing to sell the house it would seem that sailing journeys are going to be a reality. Everything with Seven Strong was so rushed that I needed to breathe before writing this. Ken and I wanted to know that you made a stressful time quite enjoyable. Your friendliness, good humor, honesty and knowledge made you a pleasure to work with. Maybe this will be our only boat but if we buy a fleet it will be from you. If we get a chance we will drop by on our vacation in April. We will drink together, and Steve too, when we next sail her!
Eileen Swan, S/V Seven Strong, 2015-03-10

Chris, Thank you so much, this is a fantastic reply. We are definitely more interested than before.
Greg White, 2014-12-31

Dear Brian, Thank you for your help with buying the Marsha Claire, it was not an easy task from Montana and the BVI's; your experience of working on boats was very valuable.
Allan, Judi and Matey, S/V Marsha Claire, 2014-12-04

Thanks a lot Clive You've made excellent job for us, it was really a pleasure. Good luck in your Life. Françoise
From Eric and Francoise. (Belgium), 2014-12-12

The reason for this email is I just wanted to thank you all one more time. I know Trish is also in agreement. The professionalism and attitude from all you guys is wonderful. Everyone goes the extra mile. Anytime you need a reference please let me know. From the start (and that includes even when we bought Tad through you) its been so reassuring to know you have been there to see fair play and broker the deal in the true sense of the word broker. The price we got it the end was more than expected and that in itself was worthy of praise. I do feel that Phil, and certainly Trish and I, are happy about the deal you sorted and that is rare in the industry you are in (or any other really), usually someone feels hard done by. So praise to you all and best of luck to the company for continued success. If you carry on like that you can't fail. Very best wishes David, S/V Tad, 2014-11-25

Here, here! I've done business with BVI Yacht Sales / Chris on multiple occasions and can and would highly recommend them also as a dying breed of yacht brokers - honest. L&N down under
Louis Jones, 2014-11-25

Thanks also for the most excellent brilliant marvellous wonderful service. You guys are SO good and professional.
Best wishes David and Trish
S/V Tad, 2014-11-22

Selected as the BVI's best brokerage? No surprise really. Yes I do follow the Nanny Cay site as saw your smiling faces with the award. Well done, well deserved. Not many places we've done business with have turned into as good friends as you guys. Looking forward to drinks in the cockpit, soon I hope. Best always,
Peter Rossall, S/V Shirley Jean 2014-11-07

Hi Clive Danny and the guys arrived around midday today they had to pull into St. Marten to get a new hatch to replace the escape hatch, then on to Antigua to fuel up. I had my first inspection, from now on I will never doubt you again, not that I have seen the other boats, but you put me right and I will always remember that and sing your praises forever. Thanks for all your hard work again and I could not have asked for a better person to guide us. Have a great week.
Gina, Calabaza Sailing Cruises, 2014-09-30

Hi Brian, I just want to thank you for all the work you've done to close this sale. I frankly had figured about a 50/50 chance that it would go south before we could close it. And, thanks for getting my personals off the boat. ...
Again, Thanks. Tom, S/V Waterdance, 2014-08-09

Thanks for the photo's, in my 28 years of brokering, I could count on one hand the number of brokers who 1) take the time to build a correct listing, & 2) take the right kind of pictures, and then knows how to send them. Kudo's to you, Chris, a really fine job of presenting a boat the way it should be. My client, Dave, after seeing them, also was extremely impressed with how you accomplished it. Joseph Talbot, Broker, Midcoast Yacht & Ship Brokerage

What a pleasure it is, working with you guys. Here's to a quick sale to the perfect owner/s who will love her as we have! Cheers!
Patricia Schneider, S/V Here Comes The Sun, 2014-07-17

Over the course of the next month, Chris and Karen at BVI Yacht Sales coordinated inspections and paperwork. Trish, the Tasmanian Captain of Serendipity for the last 20 years, helped get repairs done. We continued to be incredibly impressed with the professionalism of the BVI Yacht Sales Crew. We were after all buying Serendipity sight unseen, transferring all of our money to people we had never met. Yet, I felt strangely comfortable and confident that they were stearing us in the right direction.
Bradley Ellen, S/V Serendipity, 2014-07-15

Hello BVI Yacht Sales, Can I make the comment that you consistently put the highest quality ads on Yachthub with the most detail and least amount of typo errors. You constantly get things right and answer most queries without prospective buyers having to continually ask questions of you. It is still early days for me to get serious about a yacht but when I do I'll be coming to you first to see what you have available. Thank you for your professionalism,
Randall Gawne Queensland, Australia

Hello Clive. Thank you very much for the incredibly rapid sale and completion of Gitana. I cannot thank you enough for exiting me from this adventure so swiftly and painlessly. I really thought this would drag on into November or December The final details were not agreed until the end of March and you had a deal on the table by 29May- amazing , I have never sold a boat so quickly, and it is to you that congratulations are due. The whole thing was handled very efficiently down to the document signing instructions, well done BVI Yacht Sales.
Regards, Nigel, S/V Gitana, 2014-07-01

We both wish to thank you once again for your fine work on our behalf and we will certainly recommend your services to sailors we meet in the future. All the best to you and your family and we await instructions from Karen. Sincerely,
Kate and Mike, S/V Mudkat 2014-06-13

Hi: Excellent. As they say "Clive - job well done!!!" I had mentioned to you that we enjoyed some friendship with a couple who bought a 39' Jeanneau DS. We met them at the soggy dollar. They spoke very highly of you and mentioned how easy you were to work with. You have now confirmed their words. Thanks to you Chris and oh yes Karen. Sincerely
Tom & Carol Dawe

Fantastic! Many thanks to you- you have made our buying experience a great one. This is the first of many purchases we will do through you I believe. Only the best-
Robb & Jen, 2014-05-20

Thank you very much, the support of the team there has been hugely appreciated and very professional, thanks again and I look forward to a glass of bubbly when on board (but moored!) Thanks again, Regards
Peter, Prokat, 2014-05-20

Thanks to both of you for making this happen. Chris, we kept running into obstacles but you continued to work through them! And, yes, I am glad we are getting it out of the yard! Karen, thanks for making the paperwork effortless!
Best regards to you both ... Jacki and Ron, 2014-05-19

We are all feeling tired but happy that the sale of Abelone is taking place. Hopefully the buyers understand that we are accepting their offer because we feel it is very fair to them and we hope they will be as happy with Abelone as we have been. We cannot begin to thank both of you for your hard work and attention to making the sale of Abelone happen so quickly. Personally, I cannot begin to put to words the admiration I have for you Clive. You are a straight shooter, a joy to talk to and it is so clear that you enjoy people. You have made the whole process easy and understandable. Barb and I feel that we have developed a good friendship with you and will not hesitate working with you down the road if we decide to purchase another boat.
Gary and Barb Ayre, S/V Abelone, 2014-05-19

Thank you Chris and bravo for successful very hard work! You deserve my admiration here. Count on me to send possible clients your way in the future as far as Caribbean/Bahamas area is concerned. Will stay in touch.
Marc, S/V Grosloup, 2014-04-30

I would use them again We bought our Pearson 424 through Brian Duff at BVI Yacht Sales in 2009. Brian guided us through the purchasing process without pressure, set up our inspection and sea trial of the boat, put us in touch with surveyors, handled the negotiations for a fair deal, took me to scout out a marina, and coordinated the business transaction. Previously, Brian ran a rigging company here in Annapolis, lives on a sailboat, has overhauled several sailboats, and freely shares his knowledge. We see him on Tortola occasionally, and he is a great guy.
Captain: Breakaway 2014-02-05

Clive is the quintessential broker. He is knowledgeable beyond reproach, and fair to both the buyer and seller. He will spare no human effort to affect a deal - whether it means a late night rendezvous at the marina, or an early morning phone conversation with the surveyor. If you can't sell your boat with Clive, your boat simply doesn't deserve to be sold!
Russ Roschman of s/y ‘Reprise’. 2014-01-31

Brian, Thanks to your excellent advise, information provided, references seen, pictures provided and continuous updates: I have a fair idea at what level an offer could work! Again: Thanks for that! Never came across a broker as open and frank as you! Hope to be able to business with you.
Sincerely yours, Rik 2014-01-28

I would also recommend you providing Chris Simpson at BVI Yacht Sales in Tortola an open listing as well. He is one of the top brokers in the Caribbean with a great location and an experienced team. Last spring I sold one of my clients a Hylas 54’ that was listed by his office. His support services were the best.
David Walter Yachts, 2014-01-06

Hi Clive, Having got the hiccoughs over the bank payment out of the way, I can finally write to thank you for the very fine effort in selling Mystique. You always sounded like you knew what you were talking about and that you were on top of your job – but one can never be sure. In your case, your actions do match the presentation and you produced the goods completely. I do also appreciate just how often you went the extra mile to help with moving and preparing the boat. So thanks very much indeed for a job very well done. Like all owners, I would have preferred a higher price but in these markets any sale is a good sale. Best wishes for the future and Merry Christmas. Philip Rose, 2013-12-20

Following the helpful advice of the very kind yacht brokers at BVI Yacht Sales, who weren’t simply chasing commission, I ended up with something much older. Not one of their listings, but a boat in the same marina as an old Beneteau that I had gone to look at, one that the broker had seen before and knew was still for sale.
Paul, 2013-12-06

We would like to recommend BVI Yacht Sales to others, so feel free to e-mail us if you need us as a reference for other clients. We sat in Norway and surfed the Internet looking for a sailboat in the Caribbean. We sent off several e-mails to different yacht brokers. Only BVI Yacht Sales replied in a way that made us confident that they would help us find the right boat for us. We had a good dialog with Clive Allan, and after looking at several boats we decided on a Beneteau 40. Sitting in Norway and buying a boat based on the survey rapport was a little scary. But we felt confident in Clive Allan and BVI Yacht Sales, after a good dialog over a long timespan. We do not think we could have done this with any other broker. Therefore, we can recommend BVI Yacht Sales and we would not use any other yacht broker in the Caribbean.
Kind regards Unn Bjørge and Halvor Roede, 2013-11-13

Thanks to you both for executing everything in a speedy and efficient manner. I can understand why you keep winning that local best yacht broker prize every year!
Bruce Nobley, 2013-10-24

Hello Clive, Your professionalism and attention to detail are astounding! Your photos reflect most of the items from the survey. As to that survey, wow!
Thanks again, Mike Wirth, 2013-10-24

Clive and Karen,
Thank you for all of your efforts assisting us with the Riptide. Without you, we would not have been able to get this done. From the moment you became involved, we got on the right path where we could move forward, and you saw it through for us. You’ve been great advocates on our behalf and have done everything necessary, and more, to assist us. We cannot express our gratitude strongly enough. You’ve more than earned your commission; you’ve definitely earned our respect and appreciation. It’s been a pleasure working with you. I hope someday to visit the BVI’s and will be sure to look you up and buy you a drink. Thanks again,
Glen & Bev, Royal Credit Union Bank, 2013-10-24

I think what you did on that Privilege was astonishing, record breaking. I am grateful and I can only take a bow to a master broker.
Cheers. Alexis de Boucaud, Broker – Florida, 2013-10-14

Hi Brian, Finest Kind is looking super cute... It was nice doing business with you, thanks... Donna, 2013-10-07

Hi Chris, ...It has been a pleasure working with you, and have one more broker to put on my "trust" list.
Best Regards, Howard, 2013-09-24

Hi Chris, We are in earnest and very ready. You are brilliant sir. Blessing and a good future together as friends. THANK YOU! Charles and Elizabeth, 2013-06-16

Good Morning Clive and Karen, Excellent !!! This did go quicker than I expected. And congratulations / thanks go to you both for your professionalism and positive attitudes. Clive, I really give you credit for being straight-up and telling it like it is .... I do appreciate someone that does not sugar coat. And you should be commended for your perseverance in the surprises and the moving target called FWSS. I will be down at the end of July .... so we will have that cold one (... or two) on the beach.
Cheers, Len Lüsebrink, 2013-06-03

Hi Chris, You continue to impress me with your candor. I thought I was the frank guy around here. Seriously, you have already provided me with more response and information than any six others I have queried. I am a fresh water sailor, not an old salt, although I am 62, and as such would need to rely on an agent or buyer's broker as there are issues I am not in the least familiar with that would, I am certain, slip under my radar. Looking forward to dealing with you at the appropriate time,
I remain Yours Sincerely

Frank Molyneaux, 2013-05-17

Hi Brian, Thanks again....you did a great job on the sale of the boat. Your experience on the water was of great help on the sea trial. If we are back in the BVI we will stop by to say hello.

Best regards, Bill & Mary Ann, 2013-05-01

Chris Simpson took on my quest to find a small, Caribbean based, sailboat for island cruising. I had made enquiries with other brokers but none responded in the same helpful manner as BVI Yacht Sales. Chris provided an amazing service in locating and then honestly assessing the condition of a suitable candidate boat. This he did in a dedicated and very personal way which gave me the impression I was the only client he was dealing with (although I know he was very busy providing a similar service to others.) His expert material assessments proved accurate, candid, detailed and extremely helpful. As we moved towards making the purchase he accompanied a (non BVI!)surveyor (travelling to PR where the boat was located) and but he actually provided more and better information together with a large number of very detailed photographs. Ultimately and very unusually I felt sufficiently confident to buy a boat which I was not able to see for myself before completion. However the extent of information I had been provided with enabled me to have the confidence to complete the purchase. When I arrived at the boat for the first time I felt I knew the boat. I was subsequently able to cruise as intended for nearly 5 months. She is incidentally over 32 years old.
While buying a boat (which was at the very low end of the price range) in this way is not usual or recommended, I seriously doubt any any other broker would be able to provide a service of similar reliability.
BVI Yacht Sales I can highly recommend and would be happy to provide a further reference if desired. I would not hesitate to use their services for any purchase arrangement.

Simon Julien, Brisa, 2013-03-20

Clive, I want to thank you for all of your assistance, dedication and hard work that went in to selling Veritas. It was a long road, typical for many classics, but you and everyone at BVI yacht sales stuck with it and for that you should be commended.
I look forward to working with you again when I next take the plunge into boat ownership and when I subsequently decide to get out again!

Many thanks. Todd, 2013-03-05

Chris, I appreciate everything you have done for me during the years I have known you. Your diligence and professionalism should be the standard in your industry (but then, that would take away your competitive edge!). I certainly look forward to calling you one of these days to find me a new SAILboat, wife's objections be damned!

Luis Fabre, 2013-01-24

Thanks Clive, I must say you are a breath of fresh air on the brokerage front, all the best with lovely old lady.

David Gray, 2012-12-05

Hello Clive,
Congrats to you also. All in all it’s a dream scenario for us. We had a wonderful time for practically no expense. We are very happy with our initial decision to look for a boat on Tortola with you’re office as broker. And later on to end our travels on Tortola again, Nanny Cay has been a very good place for us. Clive, on a personal level we ‘re very happy with the way you conduct your work but what’s more, I enjoyed it because of the way you communicate. Business is a lot of fun this way!! Have one on us, we will surely do this on your behalf. Also all the best to Karen and thanks to her and Carrie. Bye for now! Kees, 2012-11-15

Carrie, Hi
What a pleasure it is to work with someone like you who always seems cheerful and knows what you are doing. These qualities seem rare these days. I hope they appreciate having you there.

John Burgess S/V Fiesta, 2012-11-05

Carrie handled the communication between her company and ours very efficiently. She always either e-mailed or returned calls in a timely manner.

Bob Miller-Broker/Salesman Fillingham Yacht Sales, 2012-11-09

Hi Chris,
We ABSOLUTELY appreciate your candor and are quite pleased with your level of detailed observation. It is very helpful before we go through the time and expense of traveling to know exactly what to expect. Keeps everything on an even keel and doesn't make us feel like we are shown only the best shots, etc. Definitely help develop trust, which I'm sure is important to you also.

Shannon and Shawn, 2012-09-26

Hello Clive,
Thank you for the informative email outlining “Veritas” sale. It is the most comprehensive reply I have received to date on any vessel I have enquired on. Thank you.

Tim Dowling, 2012-09-24

Thanks again for all your help. Have a great vacation coming up. Again, you are one of the best salesmen I have ever worked with. It's been a pleasure. God bless and much ongoing success.

Tom Herskowitz, 2012-08-02

Clive, words can not express my sincere gratitude and admiration for your exceptional conduct with regard to Pajarito. I hereby crown you Super Broker 2012. Many thanks my friend. I owe you for this one.... Kind regards,

Dave, 2012-07-28

Chris: Thank You. Those words can't fully convey our appreciation but will have to do for now, given the time and distance that separates us. Thanks for keeping us in the loop, it helps a lot. We know you have many other demands on your time, yet you make it appear as if we were your sole focus. Let us know what/when we need to do whatever on our part to help.

Bob, 2012-06-26

BVI Yacht Sales did an amazing job in helping me purchase my Beneteau 473 "Two Moons" in the Caribbean, especially given I was new to the whole boat buying game and that I was purchasing from Australia. They fostered a great relationship between the broker, myself and the seller - who I ended up meeting in person. Following the sale, Brian Duff was completely hands on in helping prepare the boat in only a matter of weeks for the Caribbean 1500 as well as an Atlantic crossing. Brian provided an excellent level of knowledge and helped me out whenever needed, from assisting to get the boat to Bermuda, finding a skipper on short notice and helping organize spare parts when I was on the other side of the world in the Mediterranean. Karen Simpson was also invaluable as she helped arrange fast and effortless transfer papers, dealing directly with the Australian registration office to get things organized. After the great adventure, I had no hesitation in having BVI Yacht Sales and Brian in particular take care of the re-sale of my boat. After the transfer, the sale proceeds were left in escrow with BVI Yacht Sales, for quite a period of time in fact, which reflects the degree of comfort I have in the folks at BVI Yacht Sales. I have no problem endorsing Brian Duff and Karen Simpson of BVI Yacht Sales and fully commend their helpfulness and professionalism. Regards,

Damon, 2012-06-25

BRAVO !!!!!! My hat is off to you for pulling this out and off. I am glad you have so many friends there and were able to hold it together. I hope the buyer, too, appreciates how lucky he is. I know we appreciate all you have done.

Susan Old, 2012-05-11

Thank you have been above the call of duty and beyond the juggling act, at 5 different hats, thanks.

Walter Lane, 2012-05-10

Clive, thank you, personally, from me. It was a great pleasure working with you and we owe you our sincere gratitude for all you help and effort on this sale. Cheers!

James Avery, 2012-05-01

Hello Brian... Thanks for all your assistance this purchase of Passage Maker. The honesty and integrity you displayed throughout were very much appreciated.

Jim, 04-05-2012

You and your sidekicks really made my visit to Tortola extremely worthwhile in many ways. While trying to be patient while my boat sells I'm trying to scour the market to decide which way to go next. And, Now I know which brokers I'm confident to rep me when buying. Put me in a file with other buyers who put you at the top of their list hoping to work closely with you when buying their next boat. Nice to meet you.

Bob DONAGHEY, 2012-03-11

It is nice talking to you again at this point, when all is done and especially after all we did experience this months. I also enjoy it much dealing with you. All this went through because I had an excellent person to intermediate as broker. So thank you for your good work time and patience.

Christian Atal, 2012-03-05

Clive it was a pleasure working with you. It was a difficult deal and at the end of the day you put it together. Great job and I would welcome working with you again in the future. Best

James Farr, 2012-03-02

That's fantastic news Karen. Thank you for all your help every step along the way. You and Clive have truly made this experience painless and fun, and I can't wait to see you both in about a week.

William Spivey, 2012-02-08

It was a pleasure getting to know you. Shed and I thank you for all your efforts!!!! What a job that was for you. I'm glad all is done as I know you are too :) We realize you worked over time and in the end had to sacrifice commission. I am very sorry for that and appreciate all your work. We are so happy that all is completed and hope that the we do run into you for a cold one sooner than later!!!!!! Take care, and we hope to be in the BVI soon :)

Tyra W. Roberson, 2012-01-10

Best Broker in the Caribbean!! I've had several clients do business here over the years. Chris runs a first class operation. Smooth, professional and very knowledgeable, but friendly and low key....Like you're selling or buying a boat from family. Just delivered a Hylas 46 to BVI to be listed for sale. The owner had used BVI Yacht Sales for his previous boat. As always, the entire evolution to get the boat listed was seamless and enjoyable. Chris set us up with an excellent management service at Penn's Landing and provided excellent guidance on what should and should not be done to the boat to enhance chances for a quick sale. If you're buying or selling a boat in the Caribbean, use these guys!!

Captain: Hubs 2012-01-09

Just Listed Hunter 44DS We have been going into Nanny Cay Marina where BVI Yacht Sales is located for over a year. When we decided to list our boat we called them. Clive Allen came to the boat and then we went to his office and had a frank and open discussion. NO pressure to sign a listing. We left and talked it over for a couple of days. We decided to list with them and he came over and took almost 50 photos and did a VERY thorough listing and had it up the next day. Very professional and honest company throughout. 5 star!

Jeff Williams 2011-09-07

Please accept my thanks and appreciation for all your efforts to sort this problem. Also, thank you and Chris and all your staff who made me feel so comfortable and welcome for the few days I was with you. I have no idea whether my circumstances will change and allow me to buy another boat in the Caribbean, but if they do you will be my first stop in my hunt.

Chris Chitty (Antigua)

I would like to thank you for all your help and assistance in providing me everything thing I requested in a timely and comprehensive manner. But even more importantly was the professionalism and integrity you exercised through the process. It is really a shame I didn’t get to meet you in person. Sincerely,

Allan J Stokes (Canada)

It is always a pleasure to deal with someone who behaves as he purports to when seeking business. You are one of the rare ones. I hope our paths cross again and that if they do for a business reason that there is a fatter commission in it for you - -you deserve it! Best,

Michael Kane (Philadelphia, PA)

Hi Chris,
Thanks to you and Karen for all the help you have given me in my efforts to purchase the Pleiades. If you were not involved, I am sure that things would not have worked out as well as they did. I am happy that early on I realized how important you were and excluded all other brokers from the deal. Good thinking on my part.

I did have a smile on my face when you gave me advice on returning to Florida for the new rudder, you almost sounded as cautious as me.

Thanks again, Bill Smurr

What I was trying to say is that we probably like you as a broker more then anyone we've met. I wish we could have bought the Fast Passage 39...and who knows...we may yet...but regardless...we enjoyed working with you. You were great. Todd, It amazes me how many horrible brokers there are out there. You do a great job. It is obvious why you are successful. Thanks

John & Pauline

Thanks for all your efforts on this - I'm sure the process wasn't all that enjoyable for you either. Rest assured that, if we are ever again in the market to buy or sell, you'll be the first person I contact!

John Mielle

Let me tell you this: I am speechless. I will frame your email and put it in the Hall of Fame of the brokerage industry. I mean it. I had forgotten about Carina, quite frankly, and you are extremely fair to send me a slice of the commission. Whatever you send me will be more than generous. In conclusion: people like you are becoming extremely rare on this planet. Keep doing what you're doing and God bless.

Michel Benarrosh

Todd, thanks for the e mail. I can't imagine a sale going any more smoothly. You guys did an incredible job and I'm glad the guitar will be getting good use. I swear, when I'm ready to sell the next boat, I'd think seriously of sailing it back to the BVI so you could sell it! Take care and good sailing.

Ken Osgood

Good morning Todd, I have to thank u for your perfect coaching of the whole week. I think it was excellent for a greenhorn like me. And it showed how good and necessary a good broker is. The whole community at Trellis Bay is very, very nice and welcoming foreigners. I enjoyed the whole time and really relaxed and got new "gasoline" for the next months. Sincerely yours,

Martin Rechmann

Will tout to some aussies who are looking, but think best if you list with BVI Yacht sales- I will fwd this to Clive Allen, he sells coal to Newcastle.

Andrew Thompson

I keep using your example of how to deal with buyers and sellers. You were a wonderful example of how a broker should be. I was delighted to run into you in Trellis Bay. Perhaps we will get to work together. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you up here.

Harry K. Schell

I appreciate all that all of you have done to get Labe sold and settled with the new owners. We will, without reservation, recommend your services to anyone who wishes to sell or purchase a boat in the area. Again thanks for all of your efforts.

Amanda and Richard

Thank you and thanks to Chris for the service you have provided and the efficient way it has all been handled. If we have any more repossessions in the BVI we will certainly be in touch. Have a great Xmas and New Year.

Tim Hurst

Thanks for everything. I also wanted to specifically thank you and Karen for getting the documents to me so quickly yesterday. I really appreciate the efforts you both made to assist with that.

Hans Lammers

I want to thank you again for your time, education, and good humor during my brief stay. I was telling my wife over pizza and wine last night that you are without a doubt the most knowledgeable person that I've ever met regarding fiberglass boats.... Your consideration and care in showing me boats was truly remarkable. And I felt a bit guilty for having so much fun. Your wicked sense of humor was an added bonus.

Russ Roschman

I have a email address of a broker, Todd Duff, that I think you have met in Trellis he is a very nice guy and has all the answers. I didn't use him as my broker but should have.

Dug Watson

Thanks so very much for making this work. You have represented both the seller and buyer well. I look forward to coming to BVI.

Bruce E Fuller

...your response to the inquiry is terrific and very professional, something that is not seen all the time in this day and age. If I were the potential client your detailed response would certainly catch my attention.

E. Wesch 19-09-2007

…Had a look at the Beneteau on your site. Excellent; you should go around all the other brokers giving lessons on presentation and description.

C. Spreckley 09-11-2007

I can assure you that a large part of my getting interested was the first response I got from you which suggested that you would be good to work with.

M. Dines 15-01-2007

And, I stand in such appreciation of the way that you and your whole team has handled this complex sale. It is not a million dollar boat but that is how you have treated us and the sale. Chris, you have gotten back to me unfailingly and quickly on questions. You've tracked the condition of the boat and the repairs .It doesn't get much better.

R. Brand 05-02-2007

Thank you for all your efforts to bring this deal together. Winterlude indeed seems to qualify as a 'best of breed', and Hetta & I feel very fortunate to be calling her ours (soon). We couldn't have done this without you, and we thank our lucky stars for finding you & your Company.

P. Wielaard 23-03-2007

…we are sorry to have not met up with you here...but express gratitude for such a professional sale..we are indeed more than satisfied…

L&P on-Evergreen 12-04-2007

I want to thank you for all your work in selling our boat. It went as smooth as anyone would ever have hoped and it was a real pleasure working with you all. It's exciting to think that folks an island away will be the new owners and we will be communicating with them and even getting together with them in the near future. What a small world…

Candice 03-07-2007

…I’ll make a point to look you up on my next trip to the BVI. If you ever need a reference I’ll be happy to give you one. You really sold my boat quickly and did a professional job throughout the process.

B. Johnson 17-09-2007

… it was certainly nice doing bussiness with you. I think you carried all the negotiations in a very professional and efficient way.

M.Calvo 28-06-2007

Thanks … for the congratulations as well as all of the tremendous help you have been to us "above and beyond".

Griff & Cheryl 28-08-2007

I should really like to place on record my thanks and appreciation for all the help you gave to me over what I am sure you will have regarded as a somewhat trying time. Your unfailing patience with my sometimes naive approach is noted. I would be very happy to say the same things to anyone you might want to point in my direction…

T. Andrews 04-04-2006

Thanks for your very detailed e-mail. It has been a pleasure working with you and your reputation for a high level of customer service is well deserved!

T. Mullen 21-12-2006

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you and Chris for all your help in the sale (not helped by me crossing the Atlantic in the middle of it all!) - a very professional and friendly service…

K. Acott 28-12-2006

Excellent news....You have been an example of good service and trust.....and I will recommend your services to whomever is in the market for a vessel.

My sincere thanks....

I. Zapater 09-08-2007

Really, you are much more than a broker, you are helping us so much and we really appreciate it!

M. Ellery 03-24-2005

Let us tell you we really appreciate all you’ve done for us and the boat and we know that was much more than your own work...So many thanks again for everything.

A. & P. Glenman 17-11-2007

It's a pleasure to find someone who actually does their job, and does it well! Look forward to meeting one of these fine days...

G. Robinson 18-10-2007

I commend you for your website which has some of the best detailed listings I have found, and also for your detailed and informative responses. There are very few brokers out there who work as hard for their sellers as you are.

Doug Murray

You have been absolutely stellar to work with, and I SO appreciate your honesty!!! I would recommend BVI Yacht Sales to anyone looking for a boat in your area! Thank you so much for your work on our behalf.

Kurt Petry 2017-08-01

Truly, your advice and guidance has been invaluable and you are a trusted expert. Chris, you have exceeded our expectations in every aspect of this transaction. You've shown an extremely high level of ethical professionalism. Your experience and expertise, insight, and guidance is very much appreciated. I place a very high value on those things in any of my business dealings and am very pleased to have found people such as you and Geoff while forming my team of experts. Your ongoing recommendations will be held in similar high regard.


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