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When You are Ready to SELL YOUR VESSEL

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What to expect when Buying your vessel through us


When You are Ready to SELL YOUR VESSEL

Our intention is to sell a vessel for it's maximum value in the shortest time possible.

1. We start by giving an honest appraisal of your boat.
2. Provide the proper asking price and anticipated selling price.
3. Make recommendations that will maximize those numbers which we feel are prudent and cost effective.
4. Take lots of photos and gather pertinent information.
5. Publish the photos and specifications on our web site.
6. Ask that the seller review it for accuracy and make any recommendations necessary.
7. Place print media ads locally and Regionally.
8. Contact prospective Buyers we have in the hopper.
9. Show your boat.
10. Answer all inquiries generated and qualify prospective Buyers. This may include arranging financing, insurance, transportation, dockage and related issues.
11. Negotiate & present offers with 10% deposit checks.
12. Deposit the Buyers earnest money into Escrow after Seller & Buyer agree to all terms.
13. Arrange a Survey, Sea Trial and Haul Out for the Buyer.
14. Make last minute recommendations to the Seller to address any obvious survey issues.
15. Drive the vessel for the sea trial and be present all the time the surveyors and buyer(s) are on board.
16. Get an acceptance of vessel from the Buyer.
17. Proceed to and handle the closing and settlement.
18. Collect the 10% earned commission when it's finished.

A. Dockage in one of our slips at Legacy Harbour Marina.
B. Keep your boat in "Show Room" condition.
C. Start and run all systems once a month. Check all fluid levels including batteries. Advise of any mechanical, or related issues that require attention.

We don't get paid until the job is done to your and the Buyers satisfaction. Often that means paying off the Sellers loan, satisfying the Buyers lending institution if necessary and the Insurance Company and the State of Florida and the U.S. Coast Guard Documentation.

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