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Welcome to Boatshed Lymington

Boatshed Lymington image Boatshed.com HQ is run by founders, Neil and Mandy Chapman. HQ is responsible for the overall running of the whole Boatshed group. HQ’s roles are to support and develop the business through the help and advice they give to the Boatshed offices, the expansion of Boatshed.com and the continuing support and development of the Boatshed system and software.

The Boatshed offices are all operated under licence from Boatshed.com. Each office is an individual business with its own name and operates within the area local to their office. As licensees of the Boatshed system all our offices have standard working practices, standard procedures and standard agreements and contracts so that we can ensure each office maintains the high standards of customer service and professionalism which Neil and Mandy started when Boatshed was formed.

Many Boatshed offices have brokers and agents to assist with buying and selling used boats within their specific area. All the Boatshed agents and brokers have undergone our in house training to ensure that our customers always receive the best quality of service whoever they deal with. Brokers and agents work on a commission basis and are contracted to the individual Boatshed office they work with but everyone within Boatshed always has access to HQ for support and advice.


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