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  1. Video
    Tofinou 9.7

    2021 Tofinou 9.7

    Price Drop: US$50,000 (Aug 24)
    US $1,679/motooltip info icon
    Portsmouth, Rhode Island
    32ft - 2021
    Offered By: Tait Yachts
  2. Hunter 25

    2007 Hunter 25

    US $255/motooltip info icon
    Racine, Wisconsin
    25ft - 2007
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  3. Beneteau 473

    2005 Beneteau 473

    US $1,603/motooltip info icon
    Racine, Wisconsin
    46ft - 2005
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  4. Video
    Allures Allures 45

    2012 Allures Allures 45

    Price Drop: US$25,000 (Feb 27)
    US $5,021/motooltip info icon
    Racine, Wisconsin
    46ft - 2012
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  5. Alerion Express 28

    2004 Alerion Express 28

    Price Drop: US$2,500 (Aug 23)
    US $612/motooltip info icon
    Bristol, Rhode Island
    28ft - 2004
    Offered By: Tait Yachts
  6. Catalina 34 MkII

    1998 Catalina 34 MkII

    Price Drop: US$5,000 (Jul 12)
    Racine, Wisconsin
    35ft - 1998
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  7. Catalina 36

    1986 Catalina 36

    Racine, Wisconsin
    36ft - 1986
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  8. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Tofinou 8

    2021 Tofinou 8

    US $1,262/motooltip info icon
    Annapolis, Maryland
    26ft - 2021
    Offered By: Ashley Yachts LLC
  9. Hunter 31

    1986 Hunter 31

    Price Drop: US$2,000 (Sep 20)
    Racine, Wisconsin
    31ft - 1986
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  10. B-Yachts Brenta 38

    2005 B-Yachts Brenta 38

    US $2,481/motooltip info icon
    Greenwich, Connecticut
    38ft - 2005
    Offered By: Tait Yachts
  11. Islander 30

    1972 Islander 30

    Racine, Wisconsin
    30ft - 1972
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  12. J Boats J/105

    2001 J Boats J/105

    East Hampton, New York
    35ft - 2001
    Offered By: Tait Yachts
  13. Cape Dory 25

    1983 Cape Dory 25

    Racine, Wisconsin
    25ft - 1983
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  14. Chrysler Buccaneer

    1978 Chrysler Buccaneer

    Huron, Ohio
    18ft - 1978
    Offered By: Harbor North, Inc
  15. Laguna 30

    1986 Laguna 30

    Racine, Wisconsin
    29ft - 1986
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.

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Daysailer boats

A daysailer is a small sailboat that’s larger than a dinghy. Widely used for recreation, it’s ideal for beginners who are learning how to sail. Generally 15-25 feet in length, it can sit up to four passengers. It could be single- or double-handed. Unlike dinghies, shifting crew weight is not crucial to stability. Most daysailers lack sleeping accommodations, though some do have berths. There also are some one-designs and daysailers built for racing. Some daysailers can be dragged onto a beach if so desired. Daysailers generally are easy to rig and launch, and can sail in close quarters, such as on a small lake. They typically can be transported via a trailer.

How are Daysailers built?

Most daysailers are monohulls but there are some with multihulls. There was a push for catamarans with speed in the 1970s. Generally speaking, daysailers are made of fiberglass, though some are made of wood, aluminum and carbon-fiber.

What type of engines power Daysailers?

Daysailers, as their name indicates, are propelled partly or entirely by sails. Most also have an engine, usually an outboard or an auxiliary/trolling motor. Engines for daysailers are supplemental items mainly used to take the boat away from a dock or land. Engines also come in handy should the wind die or weather requires a return to the dock or ramp. Daysailers can have fixed keels, centerboards or just kick-up rudders. Speed varies, depending on the specific vessel. Most basic daysailers cruise between 2-6 knots.

What optional equipment is available for Daysailers?

Lack of space limits the amount of accessories on a daysailer. Many include a cuddy for storage. As with all vessels, safety equipment (e.g. life preservers, paddles, flares) are available and required in many locales. A basic toolkit makes sense to tackle any small issues that might arise.

Expert Daysailer Reviews

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Find your perfect daysailer sailing vessels

Daysailer yachts are medium-sized, trailerable, sailing vessels usually used for time-honored endeavors. These sailing vessels boast a remarkable heritage as highly desirable craft renowned for their exceptionally greater draft and average beam. These qualities make them exceptionally well-suited for an array of activities including day sailing and racing. Among our present listings, daysailer sailing vessels exhibit an average capacity of 8 individuals, accommodating a maximum of 46 passengers. Additionally, the average length overall (LOA) of these vessels measures 28 feet. Listings range in size from 13 feet long to 70 feet long, with an average sail area of 279 square feet and a maximum sail area of 1,169 square feet. Listed hull types include monohull, planing, displacement, catamaran and other.

Constructed by a wide variety of yacht builders, YachtWorld presently offers a selection of 643 daysailer yachts for sale. Among them, 175 are newly built vessels available for purchase, while the remaining 468 comprise used and custom yachts listed for sale. These vessels are all listed by professional brokerages and new boat dealers, mainly in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada and Spain.

The best daysailer sailing vessels

Some of the best-known, masterful builders of daysailer sailboats currently include: Beneteau, Catalina, Hunter, Com-Pac and J Boats. These builders may design daysailer sailing vessels with secondary inboard, outboard, outboard-4S, electric and other propulsion systems, available in diesel, gas, electric and other fuel systems. Throughout the preceding 30-day period, the preeminent and highly sought-after brands for daysailer sailing vessels on YachtWorld were Beneteau, Catalina, Morris, Saffier and Tofinou.

Daysailer sailing vessels pricing

Daysailer sailing vessels for sale on YachtWorld are listed for a range of prices from $2,440 on the relatively more affordable end all the way up to $1,244,908 for the most exclusive yachts.