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  1. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    C&C Landfall 35

    1981 C&C Landfall 35

    Charlotte, Vermont
    35ft - 1981
    Offered By: Bruce Hill Yacht Sales, Inc.
  2. Island Packet 27

    1983 Island Packet 27

    Price Drop: US$2,999 (Aug 2)
    Mandeville, Louisiana
    26ft - 1983
    Offered By: Whelton Marine Brokerage
  3. Hunter 25

    2007 Hunter 25

    US $255/motooltip info icon
    Racine, Wisconsin
    25ft - 2007
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  4. Beneteau 473

    2005 Beneteau 473

    US $1,603/motooltip info icon
    Racine, Wisconsin
    46ft - 2005
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  5. Catalina 42 MkII

    2000 Catalina 42 MkII

    Jupiter, Florida
    42ft - 2000
    Offered By: McNally Yacht Sales
  6. Beneteau Oceanis 461

    2000 Beneteau Oceanis 461

    Titusville, Florida
    46ft - 2000
    Offered By: McNally Yacht Sales
  7. Local Delivery Available
    Gulfstar 44

    1982 Gulfstar 44

    Price Drop: US$4,000 (Jan 3)
    Cotuit, Massachusetts
    44ft - 1982
    Offered By: McNally Yacht Sales
  8. Hunter 45 Center Cockpit

    2006 Hunter 45 Center Cockpit

    Price Drop: US$3,698 (Apr 29)
    US $1,183/motooltip info icon
    Toronto, Ontario
    45ft - 2006
    Offered By: Navy Point Yacht Sales
  9. Hunter 37.5

    1995 Hunter 37.5

    Sandusky, Ohio
    38ft - 1995
    Offered By: Navy Point Yacht Sales
  10. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Rhodes Reliant

    1968 Rhodes Reliant

    Price Drop: US$10,000 (Jul 12)
    Milton, Vermont
    41ft - 1968
    Offered By: Bruce Hill Yacht Sales, Inc.
  11. Chris-Craft Carribean 35

    1974 Chris-Craft Carribean 35

    Price Drop: US$300 (Sep 22)
    Racine, Wisconsin
    35ft - 1974
    Offered By: Racine Riverside Marine, Inc.
  12. Jeanneau 64

    2016 Jeanneau 64

    Price Drop: US$1,000 (Oct 10)
    US $12,650/motooltip info icon
    Annapolis, Maryland
    64ft - 2016
    Offered By: McNally Yacht Sales
  13. Beneteau Oceanis 461

    2000 Beneteau Oceanis 461

    Jupiter, Florida
    46ft - 2000
    Offered By: McNally Yacht Sales
  14. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Dufour 39

    1984 Dufour 39

    Plattsburgh, New York
    39ft - 1984
    Offered By: Bruce Hill Yacht Sales, Inc.
  15. Beneteau 473

    2003 Beneteau 473

    US $1,595/motooltip info icon
    Beaufort, South Carolina
    47ft - 2003
    Offered By: Ashley Yachts LLC

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Cruiser boats

Sailing cruisers are designed for the long haul, offering a vessel that is capable of day sailing, overnight cruising, and long-distance journeys. What differentiates these boats from normal sailing vessels is their wider beams and increased stability. The interior volume is also bigger, allowing for bunks and other living space necessities required for overnight travel. They also have sails and rigs that are designed to generate maximum power with easy handling for one- or two-person trips.

A sailing cruiser is a yacht designed primarily for cruising, where living accommodation and comfort are given precedence over performance and speed. They will be more comfort-focused than racing craft, they tend to be heavier and not as fast, but more comfortable to live aboard. They can range from very small, creek crawling type craft with very basic accommodation and facilities, to yachts fully kitted out for cruising round the world.

For shallow waters, bilge keeled or lifting keeled cruisers will allow you to navigate shallow waters, while a long keel or fin keel is better suited to deeper waters, will enable the boat to sail more efficiently upwind and cope better in bigger seas.

How are Sailing Cruisers built?

Sailing cruisers are typically built in a catamaran style with dual hulls and have a fiberglass exterior. Some models are made with premium marine wood for a luxurious finish, but they do require much more upkeep and have a higher price tag than many mass-produced fiberglass models. Sailing cruisers will feature shallow hulls and rigging systems that generally only use one mast, with a closed or partially open cabin on most models to offer protection from the elements.

What types of engines power Sailing Cruisers?

While most vessels primarily generate power from wind through gennakers and other rigging systems, most sailing cruisers also include their own inboard diesel engine to assist with propulsion when the wind dies down or when navigating into and out of ports. Some “performance” models are available with more powerful inboard or outboard motors, but these boats are primarily designed for cruising, not racing.

What optional equipment is available for Sailing Cruisers?

As these vessels are designed for long-term travel, there is a variety of additional equipment that can be added to enhance the journey. Generators are popular for additional power, as are head systems, premium sails and rigs, and navigation systems designed for use in the open water. Boaters will typically outfit their vessels with additional safety gear for open water cruising and satellite systems for communication, as well.

Expert Cruiser Reviews

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Find your perfect cruiser sailing vessels

Cruiser yachts are large, sailing vessels frequently used for time-honored boating pursuits. These sailing vessels have a rich legacy as vessels that are sought-after due to their stable deep draft and generally wider beam, traits that make them exceptionally favorable for overnight cruising and day cruising. Among our present listings, cruiser sailing vessels exhibit an average capacity of 10 individuals, accommodating a maximum of 17 passengers. Additionally, the average length overall (LOA) of these vessels measures 41 feet. Listings range in size from 23 feet long to 85 feet long, with an average sail area of 807 square feet and a maximum sail area of 2,526 square feet. Listed hull types include monohull, catamaran, displacement, deep vee and other.

Constructed by a wide variety of yacht makers, there are currently 7,125 cruiser yachts for sale on YachtWorld, with 926 new vessels for sale, and 6,199 used and custom yachts listed. These vessels are all listed by professional yacht brokers and new boat dealers, mainly in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Greece.

The best cruiser sailing vessels

Some of the best-known, masterful builders of cruiser sailboats at present include: Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria, Dufour and Catalina. These builders may manufacture cruiser sailing vessels with secondary inboard, outboard, inboard/outboard, outboard-4S and electric propulsion systems, available in diesel, gas, electric and other fuel systems. Throughout the preceding 30-day period, the preeminent and highly sought-after brands for cruiser sailing vessels on YachtWorld were Bavaria, Beneteau, Hallberg-Rassy, Hunter and Jeanneau.

Cruiser sailing vessels pricing

Cruiser sailing vessels for sale on YachtWorld are offered at a range of prices from $7,939 on the more reasonably-priced side all the way up to $2,346,456 for the rare custom yachts.