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  1. Video
    Aquila 44

    2019 Aquila 44

    US $6,329/motooltip info icon
    Clearwater, Florida
    44ft - 2019
    Offered By: MarineMax Clearwater
  2. Silverton Convertible

    2004 Silverton Convertible

    US $1,646/motooltip info icon
    Beaufort, North Carolina
    38ft - 2004
    Bluewater Yacht Sales, LLC- Beaufort Office
  3. Video
    Local Delivery Available
    Absolute NAVETTA 48

    2020 Absolute NAVETTA 48

    Price Drop: US$20,000 (Sep 5)
    US $2,945/motooltip info icon
    Newport Beach, California
    48ft - 2020
    Offered By: SeaNet Yachts
  4. Video
    Benetti Oasis 34M

    2024 Benetti Oasis 34M

    US $39,120/motooltip info icon
    Seattle, Washington
    112ft - 2024
    Offered By: SeaNet Yachts
  5. Blanchard Aft Cabin Trawler

    1963 Blanchard Aft Cabin Trawler

    Price Drop: US$5,000 (Sep 18)
    Seattle, Washington
    50ft - 1963
    Offered By: Chuck Hovey Yachts, Inc.
  6. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Nordlund Motoryacht

    1984 Nordlund Motoryacht

    Price Drop: US$36,000 (Aug 8)
    Seattle, Washington
    70ft - 1984
    Offered By: Emerald Pacific Yachts
  7. Video
    Local Delivery Available
    Viking 80 Enclosed Skybridge

    2018 Viking 80 Enclosed Skybridge

    Price Drop: US$491,000 (Jul 6)
    US $63,286/motooltip info icon
    Lawrence, New York
    80ft - 2018
    Offered By: SI Yachts - Staten Island Office
  8. Local Delivery Available
    Carver 45 Voyager

    2003 Carver 45 Voyager

    Price Drop: US$10,000 (Sep 28)
    US $1,933/motooltip info icon
    New Rochelle, New York
    45ft - 2003
    Offered By: SI Yachts - Staten Island Office
  9. Vicem 70 FB Classic

    2007 Vicem 70 FB Classic

    Price Drop: US$105,000 (Sep 22)
    US $8,397/motooltip info icon
    Newport, Rhode Island
    70ft - 2007
    Offered By: Essex Boat Works
  10. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Kha Shing Flush Deck MY

    1991 Kha Shing Flush Deck MY

    Price Drop: US$18,395 (Aug 4)
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    62ft - 1991
    Offered By: Arbutus Coast Yachts
  11. Local Delivery Available
    Azimut 45 Flybridge

    2013 Azimut 45 Flybridge

    Price Drop: US$800 (Sep 26)
    US $4,633/motooltip info icon
    New Rochelle, New York
    45ft - 2013
    Offered By: Castaways Yacht Sales
  12. Local Delivery Available
    Maritimo 48 Cruising Motoryacht

    2009 Maritimo 48 Cruising Motoryacht

    US $6,582/motooltip info icon
    Hampton, Virginia
    52ft - 2009
    Offered By: Chesapeake Yacht Center
  13. Video
    Local Delivery Available
    Prestige 520

    2019 Prestige 520

    Price Drop: US$10,000 (Sep 13)
    US $8,262/motooltip info icon
    Baltimore, Maryland
    52ft - 2019
    Offered By: Chesapeake Yacht Center
  14. Grand Banks 46 Classic

    2001 Grand Banks 46 Classic

    Bellingham, Washington
    46ft - 2001
    Offered By: NW Explorations Yacht Sales
  15. Sunseeker Manhattan 55

    2016 Sunseeker Manhattan 55

    US $8,861/motooltip info icon
    Miami, Florida
    60ft - 2016
    Offered By: Unchartered Yachts

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Flybridge boats

A flybridge, or flying bridge, can refer to motor boats of various types. That’s because a flybridge is a deck above the main bridge. It’s usually open but can be covered or enclosed. The design predates World War II. They are especially popular in warm-weather climates. It can be found on sportfishing vessels and luxury motor yachts. The vessel typically measures more than 30 feet. While other classes such as trawlers and cabin cruisers can contain flybridges with a duplicate set of navigation equipment, a flybridge defines sportfishing vessels on which the main navigation is located on the elevated desk. The flybridge ​provides spacious accommodation. The elevated deck allows for enhanced viewing of the fore, aft and sides of a vessel. It also makes certain tasks, such as docking, much easier.

How are Flybridges built?

Flybridges predominantly are on monohulls mostly constructed of fiberglass or carbon fiber, though some older ones could be wood. The hulls usually are planing or semi-displacement designed to move fast and get vessels where they want to go. Sportfishing boats, for example, likely would have Deep-V hulls. Vessels made for cruising likely will have a Modified-V or planing hull.

What type of engines power Flybridges?

Flybridges could include inboards or outboard engines -- it simply depends on the type of vessel. Most flybridge yachts would use twin engines, with smaller vessels relying on gas and some larger ones using diesel.

What optional equipment is available for Flybridges?

Flybridges provide extra seating, perhaps a sun bed, and space to entertain friends. Larger boats often have flybridges with electric refrigerators and a cocktail galley with a sink. Sportfishing flybridges could offer such additional features for rod storage as well as fish-tracking devices.

Expert Flybridge Reviews

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Find your perfect flybridge boats

Flybridge boats are larger size vessels generally used for time-honored activities. They have a rich legacy as vessels that are sought-after due to their deeper-depth draft and beam, characteristics that make these vessels exceptionally great for overnight cruising and day cruising. The typical number of individuals that can be housed on the flybridge boats is 12 passengers, while the highest limit encompasses 22 visitors and crew members. Models with more power can take motors up to an enormous 5,276 horsepower, while affordablemodels may have as low as 186 horsepower engines on them (although the average power size is 1,283 HP).

Among the 5,754 flybridge boats currently available for purchase on YachtWorld, there is 1,241 newly built vessels and 4,513 previously owned and custom yachts, all of which are listed by expert brokerages primarily in: United States, Italy, Spain, France and Turkey. During the preceding 30 days, YachtWorld has witnessed the listing of 713 flybridge boats available for sale. These vessels have an average length of 55 feet, ranging from the shortest at 28 feet to the longest listed vessel measuring 123 feet. They are manufactured by a wide range of yacht building companies and their hull types include deep vee, modified vee, semi-displacement, planing and displacement designs.

The best flybridge boats

The best-known manufacturers of flybridge boats in the current landscape are Azimut, Princess, Prestige, Ferretti Yachts and Fairline. These builders specialize in crafting flybridge boats equipped with a variety of propulsion systems, including inboard, outboard, inboard/outboard, outboard-4S and other. These vessels are offered with a diverse range of fuel systems, encompassing diesel, gas, electric and other alternatives. During the preceding month, YachtWorld experienced notable engagement received for flybridge boats listings for Absolute, Azimut, Fairline, Princess and Sea Ray brands.

Flybridge boats pricing

Flybridge boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed for a variety of prices from $22,500 on the relatively more affordable end up to $11,810,811 for the most unique, bespoke yachts. Keep in mind the cost of ownership when considering your budget and the listing price of a yacht for sale.