5,340 express cruiser
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  1. Local Delivery Available
    Prestige 460 S

    2020 Prestige 460 S

    Price Drop: US$14,000 (Sep 19)
    US $6,625/motooltip info icon
    Newport Beach, California
    46ft - 2020
    Offered By: Sun Country Marine Group (SCMG)
  2. Sea Ray 450 Sundancer

    1998 Sea Ray 450 Sundancer

    San Diego, California
    45ft - 1998
    Offered By: Chuck Hovey Yachts, Inc.
  3. Grand Banks Eastbay 39SX

    2006 Grand Banks Eastbay 39SX

    US $3,502/motooltip info icon
    Essex, Connecticut
    39ft - 2006
    Offered By: Essex Boat Works
  4. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Sea Ray Sundancer 510

    2014 Sea Ray Sundancer 510

    Price Drop: US$60,000 (Jun 20)
    US $5,730/motooltip info icon
    Seattle, Washington
    51ft - 2014
    Offered By: Emerald Pacific Yachts
  5. Sea Ray 290 Sundancer

    2007 Sea Ray 290 Sundancer

    Price Drop: US$5,000 (Aug 7)
    US $632/motooltip info icon
    Seattle - Lake Union, Washington
    29ft - 2007
    Offered By: Irwin Yacht Sales
  6. Video
    Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

    2023 Beneteau Gran Turismo 45

    US $9,464/motooltip info icon
    Port Washington, New York
    45ft - 2023
    Offered By: Castaways Yacht Sales
  7. Albin 28 Tournament Express

    2005 Albin 28 Tournament Express

    US $802/motooltip info icon
    Bellingham, Washington
    28ft - 2005
    Offered By: Bellingham Yacht Sales
  8. Back Cove 372

    2022 Back Cove 372

    US $7,553/motooltip info icon
    Bellingham, Washington
    38ft - 2022
    Offered By: Bellingham Yacht Sales
  9. Cruisers Yachts 420 Express

    2007 Cruisers Yachts 420 Express

    US $1,899/motooltip info icon
    Grasonville, Maryland
    42ft - 2007
    Offered By: Total Marine
  10. Jeanneau Merry Fisher 855

    2017 Jeanneau Merry Fisher 855

    US $1,511/motooltip info icon
    Sag Harbor, New York
    28ft - 2017
    Offered By: Tait Yachts
  11. Local Delivery Available
    Nimbus 365 Coupé

    2022 Nimbus 365 Coupé

    US $5,275/motooltip info icon
    Portland, Maine
    36ft - 2022
    Offered By: Yachting Solutions
  12. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht

    2013 Riviera 5800 Sport Yacht

    Price Drop: US$88,012 (Jun 27)
    US $9,376/motooltip info icon
    Sidney, British Columbia
    58ft - 2013
    Offered By: Custom Yacht Sales Ltd.
  13. Sea Ray 320 Sundancer

    2007 Sea Ray 320 Sundancer

    US $1,089/motooltip info icon
    Peoria, Arizona
    36ft - 2007
    Offered By: Scorpion Bay Marina
  14. Fairline Targa 52

    2003 Fairline Targa 52

    US $2,692/motooltip info icon
    Norwalk, Connecticut
    52ft - 2003
    Offered By: Total Marine
  15. Certified Professional Yacht Brokers (CPYB) meet high industry standards, strict CPYB criteria, and passed an extensive exam.
    Greenline Hybrid

    2023 Greenline Hybrid

    Price Drop: US$9,000 (Sep 7)
    US $5,823/motooltip info icon
    Seattle, Washington
    39ft - 2023
    Offered By: Ocean Trawler Yachts, LLC

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Express Cruiser boats

An Express Cruiser is a fast cruising boat. Usually, it falls between 25-50 feet in length. It often has a sporty, sleek look that’s focused more on performance than luxurious/spacious accommodation. Still, Express Cruisers also can satisfy family and overnight needs. They include a full head, a galley, two to six berths and cover from the sun. Express Cruisers usually do not have flybridges and are operated from single stations on the main decks. There are large open areas near the steering area and the back of the boat.

How are Express Cruisers built?

Most Express Cruisers are built with fiberglass, though some utilize carbon-fiber. Modified V and semi-displacement hulls are the most common types of hulls as Express Cruises are made to ride on top of the water at cruising speeds around 30 mph.

What type of engines power Express Cruisers?

While some Express Cruisers are built for acceleration and high speeds, others prioritize fuel efficiency and comfort. Gasoline engines and stern drives often power smaller Express Cruisers. Larger vessels rely on straight diesel inboards, though pod drives are becoming very popular due to better handling and increased fuel efficiency. Twin or more outboards also are becoming more prevalent as they improve maintenance in salt water.

What optional equipment is available for Express Cruisers?

Express Cruisers normally include air conditioners, power generators, a galley, full head and berths with bunk beds. Popular optional items include joysticks, which allow for easy maneuvering by simultaneously operating the engines and the bow and stern thrusters, and enhanced air conditioning units , especially in warmer, humid climates. Seakeepers also are becoming more popular. They stabilize the vessel by using a gyroscopic system that counteracts a boat's natural motion.

Expert Express Cruiser Reviews

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Find your perfect express cruiser boats

Express Cruiser boats are larger size vessels frequently used for time-honored endeavors such as overnight cruising and day cruising. The typical quantity of individuals that can be aboard the express cruiser boats is 12 passengers, with a topmost limit of 20 guests and crew. Vessels equipped with greater power capacity can accommodate motors reaching an immense 4,800 horsepower, whereas affordable variants might be outfitted with engines as modest as 200 horsepower (although the typical power size hovers around 740 HP).

Of the 5,333 express cruiser boats for sale on YachtWorld currently, there are 1,021 new vessels and 4,312 used and custom yachts listed by professional yacht brokers and boat dealerships mainly in the following countries: United States, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom and Spain. Over the past 30 days, there have been 971 express cruiser boats listed for sale on YachtWorld. The average length of these boats is 38 feet, while they vary in size from 22 feet long for the shortest to 87 feet for the longest listed vessel. They are built by a wide assortment of yacht makers and their hull types include deep vee, modified vee, planing, semi-displacement and other designs.

The best express cruiser boats

The most notorious manufacturers of express cruiser boats in the current landscape are Sea Ray, Regal, Tiara Yachts, Jeanneau and Formula. These manufacturers specialize in crafting express cruiser boats equipped with a variety of propulsion systems, including inboard, inboard/outboard, outboard, outboard-4S and other. These vessels are offered with a diverse range of fuel systems, encompassing diesel, gas, electric and other alternatives. In the previous month, a noteworthy observation was the significant viewership garnered for express cruiser boats on YachtWorld, particularly for the top 5 brands: Princess, Regal, Sea Ray, Sunseeker and Tiara Yachts.

Express Cruiser boats pricing

Express Cruiser boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed for an assortment of prices from $13,995 on the relatively more affordable end up to $3,200,000 for the most unique, one-of-a-kind yachts. Remember the cost of ownership when considering your budget and the listing price of a yacht for sale.