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  1. Video
    Solaris Power 44 Open

    2022 Solaris Power 44 Open

    US $2,726/motooltip info icon
    Newport Beach, California
    44ft - 2022
    Offered By: SeaNet Yachts
  2. Video
    Bahama 41 Center Console

    2016 Bahama 41 Center Console

    Price Drop: US$30,000 (Aug 21)
    US $5,021/motooltip info icon
    Murrells Inlet, South Carolina
    41ft - 2016
    Offered By: HMY Yacht Sales - Charleston City Marina
  3. Video
    Blackfin 272CC

    2020 Blackfin 272CC

    US $1,949/motooltip info icon
    West Palm Beach, Florida
    27ft - 2020
    Offered By: HMY Outboard Boating Center
  4. Hell's Bay Marquesa

    2018 Hell's Bay Marquesa

    US $608/motooltip info icon
    Jupiter, Florida
    18ft - 2018
    Offered By: American Yacht Group
  5. Video
    Local Delivery Available
    Sportsman Masters 227 Bay Boat

    2024 Sportsman Masters 227 Bay Boat

    US $700/motooltip info icon
    Riviera Beach, Florida
    22ft - 2024
    Offered By: Valhalla Boat Sales South
  6. Video
    Local Delivery Available
    Sportsman Open 352 Center Console

    2024 Sportsman Open 352 Center Console

    US $4,697/motooltip info icon
    Riviera Beach, Florida
    35ft - 2024
    Offered By: Valhalla Boat Sales South
  7. Video
    HCB 53 Sueños

    2021 HCB 53 Sueños

    US $13,494/motooltip info icon
    Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
    53ft - 2021
    Offered By: American Yacht Group
  8. Pursuit Center Console

    1988 Pursuit Center Console

    Price Drop: US$1,755 (Sep 21)
    East Hampton, New York
    25ft - 1988
    Offered By: Tait Yachts
  9. Local Delivery Available
    Boston Whaler 25 Outrage

    1983 Boston Whaler 25 Outrage

    Charleston, South Carolina
    25ft - 1983
    Offered By: Palmetto Boat Sales
  10. Local Delivery Available
    Invincible 36 Open Fisherman

    2023 Invincible 36 Open Fisherman

    Price Drop: US$10,000 (Sep 21)
    US $4,549/motooltip info icon
    Charleston, South Carolina
    36ft - 2023
    Offered By: Palmetto Boat Sales
  11. World Cat 295 CC

    2016 World Cat 295 CC

    Price Drop: US$10,000 (Aug 3)
    US $1,560/motooltip info icon
    Sarasota, Florida
    29ft - 2016
    Offered By: Sara Bay Yacht Sales
  12. Local Delivery Available
    Invincible 39 Open Fisherman

    2022 Invincible 39 Open Fisherman

    Price Drop: US$30,000 (Aug 29)
    US $5,485/motooltip info icon
    Sarasota, Florida
    39ft - 2022
    Offered By: Sara Bay Yacht Sales
  13. Sessa Marine Key Largo

    2009 Sessa Marine Key Largo

    US $2,270/motooltip info icon
    Hollywood, Florida
    36ft - 2009
    Offered By: Victory Yacht Sales
  14. Video
    Birdsall 30 CC

    2020 Birdsall 30 CC

    Price Drop: US$26,000 (Aug 28)
    US $2,869/motooltip info icon
    North Palm Beach, Florida
    30ft - 2020
    Offered By: Sparks Yacht Sales
  15. Local Delivery Available
    Contender 44 ST

    2022 Contender 44 ST

    Price Drop: US$79,900 (Aug 23)
    US $6,751/motooltip info icon
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    44ft - 2022
    Offered By: Island Yacht Group

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Center Consoles boats

Center Consoles are popular boat types due to their multi-purpose design for both fishing and family fun. Center Consoles are single-decked boats that have the console in the center of the boat. The console of a boat houses its controls, steering, throttle(s) and electronics. Most often used for fishing, the design allows people to walk around the entire boat. Some Center Consoles may include a T-Top over the console, which helps to provide relief from the elements, and larger Center Consoles often have a cabin and/or head. Typically ranging in length from 18 feet to 40 feet (or larger), Center Console boats are also popular choices for yacht tenders.

How are Center Consoles built?

Center Consoles are fiberglass boats and come in a variety of sizes and hull designs, including deep V-hulls, flat hulls and powercats.

Center Console boats that are more than 20’ in length typically have a head compartment in the console, and Center Console boats greater than 30’ may also feature a small cabin inside in the console.

What type of propulsion do Center Consoles have?

Center Consoles are powered by outboard engines. Nowadays, there are many options for powering a Center Console due to the variety of engine models and horsepower available. Depending on the size of the Center Console boat, it can have one engine to as many as five or six engines.

Optional Equipment for Center Consoles

Center Consoles generally come standard with seating at the helm and bow, basic fishing equipment (fishbox, livewell, rod holders/storage), dry storage and a swim ladder. Newer Center Consoles come with even more standard options such as XM radio, LED lighting, fiberglass T-Top and factory-installed electronic packages. The accompanying outboard engine(s) is also standard on the boat.

Because Center Console boats are so versatile, there are many options for add-on equipment, including electronics, storage, accessories, seating and much more. Depending on how the boat will be used, boat owners can customize their Center Console to fit their needs.

Electronics such as GPS/navigation, radars, depth & fish finders, stereo systems, lighting, satellite phones & radios, speed/performance controls - and many, many more - can be customized to fit the needs of the boat owner.

There are also a variety of accessories that can be added to a Center Console - from upgrading seating comfortability to adding tops and shade accessories, as well as additional wet/dry storage. Anglers may want to add fishing options like outriggers or trolling motors. If a Center Console is going to be used for family fun, ski and wakeboard towing accessories can also be added.

As you can see, Center Console boats are easily customized to fit the needs of the boat owner - from fishing to cruising to family fun!

Expert Center Console Reviews

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Find your perfect center console boats

Center Console boats are medium-sized, trailerable vessels usually used for time-honored pursuits. They have a rich legacy as vessels that are sought-after due to their medium-depth draft and generally wider beam, attributes that make these vessels exceptionally favorable for freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and day cruising. The typical number of individuals that can be housed on the center console boats is 10 passengers, while the highest limit encompasses 20 visitors and crew members. Models with more power can hold motors up to an extraordinary 1,800 horsepower, while more economicmodels may have as little as 60 horsepower engines on them (although the average engine size is 426 HP).

Among the 8,093 center console boats currently available for purchase on YachtWorld, there is 4,118 newly built vessels and 3,975 previously owned and custom yachts, all of which are listed by expert yacht brokerages primarily in: United States, United Kingdom, France, Puerto Rico and Canada. During the preceding 30 days, YachtWorld has witnessed the listing of 1,425 center console boats available for sale. These types of vessels have an average length of 27 feet, varying from the shortest at 16 feet to the longest listed vessel measuring 53 feet. They are manufactured by a wide range of yacht makers and their hull types include deep vee, modified vee, sea-V2(TM), catamaran and planing designs.

The best center console boats

The most widely-known manufacturers of center console boats in the current landscape are Boston Whaler, Sportsman, Everglades, Sea Hunt and Regulator. These builders specialize in crafting center console boats equipped with a variety of propulsion systems, including outboard, outboard-4S, inboard, outboard-2S and other. These vessels are offered with a diverse range of fuel systems, encompassing gas, diesel, electric and other alternatives. In the previous month, a noteworthy observation was the significant viewership garnered for center console boats on YachtWorld, particularly for the top 5 brands: Boston Whaler, Contender, Grady-White, Regulator and Yellowfin.

Center Console boats pricing

Center Console boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed in a wide swath of prices from $15,000 on the more modest side up to $1,697,183 for the most exclusive yachts. When evaluating your budget and the listed price of a yacht for sale, it is crucial to factor in the cost of ownership.