26 Gianetti Yachts
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  1. Gianetti 24 Fly

    2003 Gianetti 24 Fly

    US $12,026/motooltip info icon
    Miami Beach, Florida
    80ft - 2003
    Denison Yachting
  2. Video
    Gianetti 402

    2023 Gianetti 402

    US $138,452/motooltip info icon
    Viareggio, Lucca
    126ft - 2023
    Offered By: Yachting Partners International (YPI)
  3. Video
    Gianetti Mirage

    2021 Gianetti Mirage

    US $120,587/motooltip info icon
    Viareggio, Lucca
    126ft - 2021
    Offered By: Yachting Partners International (YPI)
  4. Gianetti 68

    1995 Gianetti 68

    Aarhus C, Denmark
    68ft - 1995
    Offered By: Yachtbasen
  5. Gianetti 85S

    2004 Gianetti 85S

    US $11,612/motooltip info icon
    Genoa, Italy
    84ft - 2004
    Mortola Yacht & Ship Brokers
  6. Gianetti 85

    2009 Gianetti 85

    US $8,486/motooltip info icon
    87ft - 2009
    Offered By: "LEVANTEMARE The Art of Yachting"
  7. Gianetti 38 Fly

    1992 Gianetti 38 Fly

    Price Drop: US$4,233 (Feb 2)
    Campania, Italy
    38ft - 1992
    Happy Yachts Srls
  8. Gianetti 401

    2023 Gianetti 401

    US $120,587/motooltip info icon
    Genoa, Italy
    126ft - 2023
    Offered By: Globe Regal Yachting
  9. Gianetti Mirage

    2024 Gianetti Mirage

    US $120,587/motooltip info icon
    Viareggio, Lucca
    126ft - 2024
    High Goal AG
  10. Gianetti PROJECT MIRAGE 401

    2023 Gianetti PROJECT MIRAGE 401

    US $120,587/motooltip info icon
    Viareggio, Lucca
    126ft - 2023
    Offered By: Jonacor Marine Corporation
  11. Gianetti 48 HT

    2008 Gianetti 48 HT

    US $1,920/motooltip info icon
    CAMPANIA, Italy
    48ft - 2008
    Happy Yachts Srls
  12. Local Delivery Available
    Gianetti 55 Sport

    1999 Gianetti 55 Sport

    Wanssum, Netherlands
    56ft - 1999
  13. Gianetti Navetta 19

    2011 Gianetti Navetta 19

    Call for Price*
    -, Parma
    62ft - 2011
    Zeus Boat
  14. Gianetti 45 SPort

    2002 Gianetti 45 SPort

    Price Drop: US$12,912 (May 24)
    Costa Azzurra, France
    45ft - 2002
    Schmidt & Partner Yachtbrokers s.r.l.
  15. Gianetti GIANETTI 38

    1995 Gianetti GIANETTI 38

    Lazio, Italy
    39ft - 1995
    Molo66 Yacht & Ship Consulting

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There are presently 26 yachts for sale on YachtWorld for Gianetti. This assortment encompasses 10 brand-new vessels and 16 pre-owned yachts, all of which are listed by knowledgeable yacht brokers predominantly in Italy, Denmark, France, Netherlands and United States. YachtWorld offers a diverse array of models, showcasing a comprehensive range of sizes and lengths, extending from 38 feet to 126 feet.

Type of yachts by Gianetti

This boat builder presents a variety of hull types: deep vee, displacement, modified vee, monohull and other. These hull variations are commonly employed for cherished and time-honored endeavors like a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities. Gianetti equips models listed with inboard and inboard/outboard drive power options, available with diesel and other propulsion systems.

Sought-after for their Motor Yachts, Flybridge, Mega Yachts, Convertible and Cruisers, Gianetti boats, in general, exhibit favorable attributes such as an exceedingly deep draft and narrow beam, which contribute to their widespread popularity and are an ideal choice for various activities such as a variety of commercial and recreational boating activities.

How much do Gianetti boats cost?

Gianetti boats for sale on YachtWorld are listed for a range of prices from $47,873 on the relatively more affordable end, with costs up to $16,489,629 for the more sophisticated, luxurious yachts.

What Gianetti model is the best?

Some of the most iconic Gianetti models now listed include: 38 Fly, GIANETTI 38, Mirage, 24 Fly and 26 m trawler. Various Gianetti models are currently offered for sale by specialized yacht brokers, dealers and brokerages on YachtWorld, with listings ranging from 1989 year models up to 2024.