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Thank you for considering YachtWorld.com as you consider buying or selling a boat!

To have your boat presented on the YachtWorld.com site, we require that you use the services of a professional yacht broker. YachtWorld advertising services are only available to yacht brokerage firms and dealerships representing multiple boats for sale on behalf of an owner/seller such as yourself. We do not offer services directly to the individual owner/seller.

You may contact a yacht broker who will either help you buy a boat or advertise your boat for sale on YachtWorld.com. Learn more about professional representation, and how an owner/seller benefits from listing their boat with a yacht broker.

If you are selling a boat and wish to have professional representation by a broker, you can post your listing for one month, for viewing by brokers only (not the public) by completing the form on this page.

Note  As of this writing, it is necessary that you convert the length to feet. This state is temporary.

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