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Nautitech Open 40: Quick Video Tour
Posted on April 3rd 2015 - Lenny Rudow
The 2015 Nautitech Open 40 is a multihull sailboat with multiple missions.

Catana 431: Prime Catamaran Sailing Yacht
Posted on March 29th 2014 - Zuzana Prochazka
New sailing cats are taking the U.S. by storm, but the Catana 431 is a good multihull option on the brokerage market.

Groupama Coming, Plastiki Going
Posted on March 19th 2010 - Kimball Livingston
How crazy are the French about long distance adventure sailing? Crazy enough that photographer Yvan Zedda could get a plane ride and a picture ...

Scape 39 Sport Cruiser
Posted on February 26th 2010 - Charles Doane
This is another boat I saw at the Miami show, though it wasn’t actually in the show. The owner, or an ...