January 8th 2014. By Carol Cronin.

Antigua Superyacht Regatta: Video

Looking for a way to warm up? Enjoy some great sailing footage from on board a winning superyacht in Antigua.

It’s the new year, and that means one thing for those lucky enough to be on the list: Caribbean regattas. For the rest of us,here’s some footage taken on Rebecca, the winning boat in the 2012 Antigua Superyacht Regatta.

Rebecca video

Rebecca won the 2012 Antigua Superyacht Regatta.

This year’s event starts in late January, and at least 14 superyachts will in attendance. For more information, visit the Antigua Superyacht Challenge website.

Carol Cronin

Carol Cronin, managing editor for boats.com, has published several novels about the Olympics, sailing, hurricanes, time travel, and old schooners. She spends as much time on the water as possible, in a variety of boats, though most have sails.