October 20th 2013. By Diane Byrne.

Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 26 Crescendo

The Italian builder redesigns its semi-displacement series, with the entry-level model being the first to benefit from the changes.

When companies building stand-out yachts like the Ferretti 870 and the Custom Line 124 say they have redesigned their lineup, sometimes the redesign doesn’t really amount to much. In the case of the Navetta series from Ferretti Custom Line, however, the changes are subtle in some ways yet make a significant impact. Others are bigger changes that make an equally significant difference.

With the 86-foot Navetta 26 Crescendo, Ferretti Custom Line shows that there’s a way to make changes both big and small that make sense in improving the onboard experience. The yacht also shows that the changes can take place within the framework of what long appealed to buyers in the first place.

Navetta Ferretti Custom 86

Buyers familiar with the Ferretti Custom Line Navetta series of semi-displacement yachts will note that the styling of the 26 Crescendo still looks much like that of the other offerings, which go to 121 feet. However, note, too, the windscreen fully up top; there’s now a sundeck. And, the ports on the main and upper decks are larger, for better views.

Navetta Ferretti salon

As for those views, check out the impact from here in the combination saloon and dining area. The builder and in-house design team even made sure that the pop-up TV, opposite the settee, is lower. Even with walkaround side decks, the Navetta 26 feels more voluminous than an 86-footer with a nearly 23-foot beam.


Another change incorporated on the Navetta 26 is an extended upper deck, making room for this cozy dining area just aft of the helm. Note again the size of the ports, lending more of an indoor-outdoor feeling. There’s also a nice alfresco dining area just visible in the photo, accompanied by a BBQ.

Navetta sun pad

As mentioned before, Ferretti Custom Line added usable space atop the upper deck, in the form of this sundeck. Previously, the Italian builder interpreted the leisurely cruising emphasis (a reported 16-knot top end with MAN engines) to mean owners and guests were less likely to be sun-worshippers than their swifter-speed counterparts. But, a yacht is a yacht, after all, right?

Navetta dinette galley

Ferretti Custom Line calls the main-deck galley an “open galley,” since the cooking area is open to the crew mess, the latter being the small dinette in the foreground. It’s nice to see an Italian builder not only keep the galley above decks, a location that American buyers prefer, but also make it a fully crew-friendly space for the staff of four.

Navetta owner room

Something else nice to see: a main-deck master suite. Typically you’d have to step up into the 100-foot-plus range to have this type of real estate. Ferretti Custom Line paid extra attention to sound attenuation, too, claiming decibel levels of just 49.5 db(A) here when the Navetta 26 is at 13 knots. For comparison, normal conversation is 60 db(A).

Navetta VIP twin beds

The Navetta 26 Crescendo is available with accommodations for either eight or 10, including the master stateroom. The difference comes in the number and configuration of staterooms. In one layout, there’s a full-beam VIP, a double stateroom, and a twin stateroom. In the other, there are two VIPs (neither being full beam) and two twins. All, of course, have private baths.

Navetta cockpit

Ferretti Custom Line welcomes owner input into decor choices and arrangements that don’t impact structural bulkheads. It’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to opt for something other than a dining/seating area here on the aft main deck, though. It’s a favorite spot of many a cruising yachtsman and guest for breakfast while hanging on the hook.

Navetta profile

Remaining unchanged with the Navetta 26 Crescendo is the focus on leisurely exploring coastlines. Ferretti Custom Line says the yacht tops out at 14 knots and cruises at 12 knots when powered with the standard 8V MAN diesels. With 10V MANs, the yacht should see at 16 knots and 13.5 knots, respectively. In addition, fuel consumption is reportedly about 18.5 gallons per hour at 10 knots, and range exceeds 1,500 nautical miles.

Specifications: LOA: 86’0” • Beam: 22’9” • Draft: 7’5” • Displacement: 99.51 tons fully loaded • Fuel capacity: 3,276 gallons

Sometimes when a company alters an existing product, consumers end up feeling that the changes weren’t made with their best interests in mind. Thankfully the Navetta 26 Crescendo (so-named to evoke ideas of classical music crescendos) preserves the relaxed pace that the semi-displacement series was created for in the first place. The yacht also preserves the conservative styling that is typical of navettas (Italian for “shuttle,” like a ferry, though loosely extended in this case to mean yachts that focus on journeys). The changes, such as the sundeck and the larger ports, are meant to enhance the onboard experience. And enhance they do.

For more information, visit Ferretti Custom Line.

Diane Byrne
Diane M. Byrne is the founder and editor of the daily updated website Megayacht News. A longtime yachting writer, she also contributes to Yachts International, Boat Exclusive, and other magazines. She is additionally a member of the International Superyacht Society Board of Directors and Vice Chair of the U.S. Superyacht Association.