December 4th 2012. By Lenny Rudow.

Top 10 Fantasy Yachts

If you could choose any yacht or boat in the world, the chances are good that you would pick one of these top 10 fantasy machines.

Year in and year out we see and review hundreds and hundreds of boats and yachts, but only a few make it onto our fantasy list. Here are 10 that dominated our daydreams (in order of size).

benetti diamonds are forever megayacht

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but we'd rather cuddle up with Diamonds Are Forever.

1. Benetti Diamonds Are Forever – With 199’ 10” of lavish LOA and six decks, it just doesn’t get any dreamier than this megayacht. Details throughout include the use of mother-of-pearl, onyx, Italian marble, crystal, chrome-painted glass, and a healthy dose of overall extravagance.


worlds largest sailing yacht

Who wouldn't dream of owning the world's largest sailing cat?

2. Pendennis Hemisphere — Sailors who like to think big will salivate at the thought of owning the world’s largest private sailing catamaran. The Pendennis Hemisphere is 145 long and a whopping 54 wide, and with over 12,000’ of sail area, it can hit 20 knots on wind power alone. If you’re dreaming of a day when you can cruise the globe without burning a drop of fossil fuel, we hope you’ll keep dreaming big—of owning a yacht like this one.

nordhavn mega yacht

If you appreciate raw power, the Nordhavn 86 is likely to make your list.

3. Nordhavn 86 —Power is the stuff of desire, and the Nordhavn 86 projects it in a big way; who wouldn’t love to daydream of commanding such a potent world traveler? This yacht boasts a 400,000 pound displacement, which makes it as brawny as some megayachts nearly twice its size. Yet it still manages to go a mile on one gallon of fuel, proving that extravagance doesn’t have to be inefficient.

mystic power cats

The Mystic 50 thrives on competition. If you feel the need for serious speed, nothing is likely to beat it.

4. Mystic 50 – If you dream of beating out every other boat on the water, then your heart will go from pitter-patter to THUMP-THUMP-THUMP when you eyeball a Mystic 50. Powered with twin T-53 turbine engines and 3,600-hp it’ll easily break 150-mph; go for the closed canopy version (like the recently destroyed Miss Geico) and these boats can bust past 200-mph.

zeelander 44 running

The Zeelander has a strange name, but its appeal is obvious.

5. Zeelander Z44 — The Zeelander, dubbed a “mini superyacht” by its builder, is a curvaceous creation that stirred our fancy. It’s not astonishingly fast and it costs a million or two, but when you look at this boat, you’ll agree it’s like viewing fine art.

hydra sports 4200 triple outboards

Rev up the engines and head for the hotspot on this fantasy fishing machine.

6. Hydra-Sports 4200 SF – A fisherman’s fantasy couldn’t get any finer than the 4200 SF, which runs on quad outboards totaling 1,400-hp. Everything you need to hook ‘em and cook ‘em is built into this boat (which you can see up close and personal in our Short Take video), from 27 rodholders to an electric grill.

Targa protector 30

Here's a RIB that defies reality - the Targa Protector 30.

7. Targa Protector 30 – When it comes to getting from point A to point B in speed, style, and protected from salty spray, the Targa Protector 30 is the stuff dreams are made of. Powered by a pair of 300-hp Verado outboards, it will propel you down the wishful waterways at 69-mph. A seven-chamber Hypalon collar adds buoyancy and safety, while the 23-degree deadrise cleaves open the waves.

avalon ambassador 2700

Hey, even pontoon lovers are allowed to fantasize. And if they do, the Avalon Ambassador is likely to be on their minds.

8. Avalon Ambassador 2700 – If pontoon boats percolate through your pipe dreams, the Ambassador 27 could be your ride. With an art deco look and modern high-tech construction, this 50-mph party platform has out-of-this-world touches like a pop-up electric wine rack and self-leveling arm rests.

gibbs atv boat

Now, THIS is what we call a cool ride! The Gibbs Quadski Amphibian does 45 mph, on land or at sea.

9. Gibbs Amphibians – You might remember the Gibbs Aquada from the Top 10 Coolest Looking Boats Ever article, because it earns its place in fantasy-land by being both a hot-looking car and a boat capable of doing 30-mph, at the same time. Now there’s a new Gibbs, and this one can do 45-mph at land and at sea—yet takes a mere four seconds to convert from ATV to boat. Power is supplied by a 1300cc BMW motorcycle engine that produces 175-hp. And you thought you knew what they meant by “off road”.

carboncraft 13

Sure it's small, but it costs as much as a house. Dream on.

10. Carbon Craft 13 — Though its outward appearance is diminutive, there’s a big heart in this little package—one that goes for a price tag of about $10,000 per foot, making this carbon fiber craft one of the most expensive of its size. We’re not sure why such a tiny tender commands the price of an average American home, though it most certainly won’t get lost in the crowd. But you’ll beam as you brag that your boat costs more than your buddy’s bungalow.

Lenny Rudow
With over two decades of experience in marine journalism, Lenny Rudow has contributed to publications including YachtWorld,, Boating Magazine, Marlin Magazine, Boating World, Saltwater Sportsman, Texas Fish & Game, and many others. Lenny is a graduate of the Westlawn School of Yacht Design, and he has won numerous BWI and OWAA writing awards.