May 17th 2011. By Staff.

Sarnico Yachts With a U.S. Twist

The respected Italian yacht-builders are bringing eight different models to the U.S. market, with design modifications tailored to American tastes.

The 32-foot Romance is part of the smaller Columbo line, embodying Mediterranean style and grace.

Sarnico Yachts of Italy (Cantieri di Sarnico) have been creating high-speed European motoryachts since 1956. Beginning in July 2011, Sarnico Yachts LLC , a new subsidiary of Columbus Marine Group of Fort Lauderdale, in partnership with Sarnico of Italy, will be designing, building, and importing Sarnico yachts to the Americas, with the first models coming to New York by July, 2011.

Sarnico Yachts carries two series of boats, the Sarnico line, with yachts of 46, 50, 60, and 80 feet, and the Columbo line, which has boats at 26, 32, 36, and 39 feet. The two smallest boats in that line, the 26-foot Bellagio and 32-foot Romance, are fine examples of Italian styling and craftsmanship, the first quite modern, the second traditional in the Mediterranean runabout style. Think of Grace Kelly off the waterfront in Monaco.

This 60-footer is the second largest model in the Sarnico line. A cockpit with dramatic, sweeping contours and a sliding hardtop looks out on an uncluttered foredeck.

Both lines have been redeveloped in a collaboration between Sarnico Yachts and the design powerhouse of Nuvolari-Lenard, headquartered in Venice, to address specific design modifications for the U.S. and Americas market.

“The design modifications for the U.S. are based on how we use our boats here,” says Sarnico Yachts LLC marketing director Justin Baynton. “For example, in Europe a lot of larger yachts are designed with galleys down – here we tend to prefer galley-up configurations.”

For more information, visit Sarnico Yachts LLC.