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Buyer Questions, ask yourself...

BLM Yacht Sales Ltd. image This page is for Buyers that are changing their boating style or are new to boating.

How will you use your boat
Will you be on a schedule (no wind, bad seas can keep you in port)
Trailering on weekends (consider your vehicles capacity)
In bays with some weekend cruises (Cabin, deck space, seating, top)
In bays with occasional jaunts into the ocean (family cruises / fishing)
exclusively ocean trips (steeper, heavier hulls)
Extended Cruising (fuel and water requirements, navigation)

Power or Sail
Sailing relies largely on weather (time restraints, slow under power)
Sailing often requires physical work
Some are uncomfortable with a healing vessel
Very little fuel will be used
no sound or smell from engines

Power boats require fuel.
Power boats are generally more to insure
Power boats have more moving parts (maintenance)
Generally you can come and go at will

Diesel or Gas
Diesel motors are more expensive to buy and fuel
Diesel motors are more economical
Gas is cheaper to buy
A diesel has to be used a lot to pay for itself
Diesels are more durable
One can re-power a gas engine aprox 3 times for every diesel

Buy a boat based on its build quality and condition
Don’t be swayed for or against by options present or lacking
What do you really need, keeping it simple is always a safe bet
Don’t spend you budget on the boat!!!!!!
The boat will break. have the money to fix it and enjoy the season.

We are here to help, even if it's to talk you out of what you think you want.


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