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I will Try to sell your boat fast and I need more boats! All I need to know is your NET price? Please fill this out and I will host it on my to web sites for free until it is Sold? It will be advertised on two of the worlds largest yacht publications World wide and on the internet, where more then One million boat buyers access it every day. Please consider this an authorization to list , advertise and offer your boat for sale on an Open Listing basis.(This Agreement shall remain in effect until boat is sold or seller cancelled by e mailing or a fax cancellation notice, or a signed central)Please fill in info than print sign-and-fax this to 954-252-2444. Now you click send at bottom of page, to have your boat listed.
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"Please Send us 10 to 45 Photos!". More photos help! E mail them to (please try to set your camera to low resolution) also add your boat's make and year plus your name with ever email Thanks ,Leave It to Beaver! You MUST PRINT SIGN AND FAX it back to 954-252-2444 thanks.

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