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Welcome to Degero Deck Saloon Yachts

History of Degerö Yachts

The Degero boatyard was founded in 1980 by Risto Kristeri and Seppo Mäkelä. Their goal was to create fine sailing yachts of the very highest quality, hand crafted from beginning to end using the best materials available. They also wanted to make yachts that people would want to spend time on, whether at sea or in port, and the designs and specifications were developed with this in mind. Both Risto and Seppo are still actively involved in the company, and their success is reflected in every Degero now afloat and the attention to detail and finish that is embodied, more than ever, in each new yacht.

Global Yachts Ltd image Their first model was the Degerö 28 MS, a design that was developed by Risto and Seppo themselves. It has been in continuous production and is still in demand today, offering a combination of good sailing and comfort that’s hard to find in a small yacht. With a distinctive rounded stern, generous beam and elegant sheer line, she is an attractive and purposeful yacht. With a long keel, she is well mannered in a seaway, looking after her crew in open water. Inside, her raised coachroof and good hull volume give her spacious and light accommodation plus the benefit of an internal helm position. Five berths in two cabins, a separate heads compartments and a well appointed galley complete the specification.

Global Yachts Ltd image In 1985 the yard launched the Degerö 35 S, a heavy displacement blue water cruising yacht with a distinctive curved transom, like her smaller sister. Designed by Håkan Södergren from Sweden, she has a long fin keel, a skeg-supported rudder, wide side decks and an open foredeck, plus a comfortable and safe cockpit. These features, along with her heavy construction, make her a capable offshore yacht. A traditional layout below includes six berths in three cabins, galley, heads and chart table near the companionway, and a choice of mahogany or teak interiors.

Global Yachts Ltd image In 1990 the first Degerö 33 DS was produced. Developed by the Finnish designer Hans Groop, the 33 DS offers deck-saloon accommodation in the hull of a pure sailing yacht. Her easily-driven form has a lead keel and semi-balanced rudder. Her aft cockpit is both safe and easy to use, with wheel steering, self-tailing winches and many other features as standard. Below decks, the 33 is very well appointed, with a 5/6 berth layout, beautiful joinery and luxurious upholstery to create an inviting and practical interior. With an extended transom and boarding step, the 331 is now offered alongside the 33.

Global Yachts Ltd image In 1998 the yard revealed the Degerö 38 DS, developed by the Degero team in conjunction with Olli Salmela of Finland. Designed as a comfortable blue water cruising yacht, she is the flagship of the Degero range. Like the 33, the design brief was to create a powerful and exciting sailing yacht with the added benefit of the raised coachroof to provide an interior that is spacious and comfortable. The 38 DS is truly a yacht that stimulates thoughts of long passages to new destinations, carried out in comfort and style.

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Launched in 2000, the Degero 31 retains the important features of her larger sisters, and embodies these in an easily-handled 31 foot hull. Modern hull lines, with a fine entry, broader aft sections and a lead keel with a bulb, make this a fast yacht, whilst the raised coachroof offers perhaps the smallest deck saloon yacht of her kind. Ideal for short-handed sailing, she is well mannered, exciting yet easy to sail with a carefully designed cockpit and wide side and fore decks. Inside the boat, an internal navigation/helm position, 3/4 berths and good-sized heads and galley complete this attractive and distinctive yacht.

Global Yachts Ltd image This year, 2003, the new Degero 36 DS was announced. Based on the hull of the 35 S, and designed by Håkan Södergren, she has the benefits of the deck saloon and internal helm coupled with the traditional lines of the heavy displacement blue water hull of the 35S. She retains the successful interior layout of the 33 and 38 foot models, with 5/6 berths, an internal navigation/helm station and the raised saloon seating. Outside, she is still every inch a blue water cruiser, and the raised coachroof blends smoothly into the overall lines to create a most attractive yacht. And she keeps the beautiful curved transom, all of which sets her well apart from the crowd. A stunning yacht, the first of which will be launched in spring 2004.

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