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Would you want your yacht to look as if it just had melted butter wiped all over it? Staying this way for 2-3 times longer than most details, and without swirl marks, no rust stains, all snaps replaced with new, and not buffed over... looking better than it's ever looked before? Contact us for a free quote.

The State Of The Art - Gel Coat restoration with Nanotechnology Polishes

It is is a slow process: There are 4 separate steps used to obtain the ultimate shine,and lasting results. This is the only method that will produce a top quality finish.

If someone says they can do the job in a few days, then that's your way of knowing it's not going to be worth any amount of money, even though the quote might be low. A 45' yacht takes about 100 hours of labor to obtain the result that everyone wants.

1) Low aggressive compound buffing to remove oxidation and to protect the Gel Coat pore
2) Nano Polish with fine wool buffing pad to remove Up to 800 grit scratches and swirls.
3) Clear coating-Super Intensive Nano Polish with foam buffing pads to seal the pore
4) Hi Temp wax and polymer sealer for the ultimate long lasting shine.

Extras included:

1. Stainless steel polishing
2. All snaps for canvas replaced
3. Final wash down


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