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What separates a Zeelander yacht from any other sport cruiser on the market? It’s not just the dazzling appearance; once you understand what makes us different, you can appreciate pride and ownership in a yacht as unique as yourself.

Our vessels are designed to offer an operator the easiest and most enjoyable yachting experience of their life. As we entered the new millennia, pod drives were introduced to the yachting community and has forever changed vessel operation in the pleasure boat market. This new technology has been implemented to our yachts and ads to the overall ease of operating our vessel. The windows provide a panoramic view of the environment while standing at the helm, or sitting at the cosy salon table. Many of our clients own large motor yachts with an abundance of crew. These clients appreciate being able to operate their “mini yacht” without assistance adding the element of complete privacy back into their yachting experience.

Designed by avid yachtsmen, the Zeelander not only provides the owner a yacht experience on a smaller more personal scale, it allows the owner virtually no maintenance when it comes to the fit and finish of the vessel. The exterior “wood” is laminate fabricated to look like varnished mahogany, the decks are made with Esthec decking which is a composite product with all the outward features of teak. By making it easy, we put the fun back into the yachting experience.



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