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Ten Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean.....

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Ten Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean.....

Even if we live miles from the shore, we may be unknowingly polluting our ocean and beaches. Each of us is a source of pollution - and each of us can be a part of the solution.
Since caring for the ocean is an on-going process, we hope you refer to this part of our web site often (you can even print this section and hang it in a convenient location where it is easily seen). It offers a few practical, effective steps we all can take to reduce pollution. By taking action now, we can ensure a safe, healthy ocean - both present and future.

Top 10 Things You Can Do to Save the Ocean:

1. Conserve Water
This helps reduce the amount of pollution that flows through our storm drains and sewer systems. You can conserve water by taking shorter showers, washing your car with a sponge and bucket on the lawn, and by using a low-flow toilet. If each person in Los Angeles took a 5 minute shower, we could save over 68 million gallons of water each day!

2. Stop Using Toxic Products
Household toxics, such as common household cleaners, paints, paint thinner and motor oil, can pollute the ocean and poison the groundwater if not disposed of properly. Take your household toxics to a local Household Hazardous Waste Roundup instead of dumping them down the sink, gutter, street, ground or storm drain. The LA County Household Hazardous Waste Department (800)552-5218 and the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (800) 773-CITY have more information on these neighborhood roundups.

3. Pick up after your pet
Pick up after your pet so that pet wastes from sidewalks, streets or paved surfaces won't be washed into storm drains and out to the ocean.

4. Recycle your used motor oil Recycle your used motor at a local gas station, auto parts store, or quick oil change shop instead of pouring it down the storm drain. When motor oil and other fluids leak from our cars and wash down the storm drains and into the ocean, they can harm ocean life, stick to swimmers, and wash up on the shore.

Cover large dirt areas with plants and shrubs. Water can wash dirt from open, exposed areas into the gutters that lead to the ocean, making the water cloudy, cutting off life-giving light and oxygen to plants, animals and fish. Sediments can also bury animals and plants that live on the sea bottom, and cover fish breeding areas.

6. Water Properly
Position your sprinklers on your lawn towards the grass and away from the gutters and paved areas. This will limit surface runoff and save water. Do not overwater plants or lawns. Sweep instead of wash sidewalks, and put litter in trash cans instead of in gutters or down drains.

7. Use Organic Fertilizers
Use organic fertilizers, or use a fertilizer with at least one-fourth of its nitrogen in slow-release, water-insoluble form...or choose native plants that don't require much fertilizer.

8. Reduce the need for Pesticides
Reduce the need for pesticides by choosing plants and vegetation naturally resistant to pests. If you must use a pesticide, try the least toxic ones available first, such as insecticidal soaps (synthetic pesticides are the most toxic).

9. Inform your friends
Tell your friends and neighbors "Storm Drains Lead to the Ocean!".

10. Participate in Coastal Cleanup Day
Coastal Cleanup Day is an annual event which draws thousands of people to clean up our coastal beaches and inland waterways.

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