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Buying a boat over seas

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Buying a boat over seas

A to Z explained

We hope this will answer some of the questions you have about picking up great bargains on yachts that are available overseas.

1. We have agents worldwide who can show you a range of yachts, including the "less expensive" boats, who basically hold your hand through the whole purchasing process.

2. You make an offer for the boat, and once this is accepted a survey and sea trial takes place. You make your offer based on the described quality and condition of the boat. We can always negotiate further after the survey and sea-trial, based on any unexpected defects, etc.

3. If the price is agreed upon, then a trip to view the boat is advised. We have travel agents who can arrange airfares and accommodation. We will accompany or meet you there. You pay your travel expenses and we pay ours.

4. We can recommend surveyors to survey the vessel on your behalf and arrange for the survey to take place.

5. After the sea-trial/survey you can make an acceptance or conditional acceptance based on any defects found.

6. The transfer of the money can be to our solicitors account (escrow) and on the closing date monies will be distributed to the seller and broker. (We have escrow accounts in Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand and Australian Dollars).

7. We will handle all title transfers of the boat to your name.

8. Shipping  we have contacts who can provide very competitive rates for shipping and shipping cradles and we can handle this whole procedure on your behalf.

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