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Windcraft Multihulls is owned and operated by Don Wigston, a long-time Corsair trimaran owner, cruiser and racer. When you call Windcraft you don't reach a receptionist whose response is "I'll have to ask my boss." Instead, you speak with someone who understands your needs and knows the products inside and out. Don has personally owned, raced and cruised just about every model in the Corsair lineup. He has cruised many times to the Bahamas on various personally owned Corsair trimarans and has been the 28R class winner and Sprint 750 Class winner, and the overall winner at various Corsair Nationals. So Windcraft knows Corsairs boats.

In addition to the full Corsair line-up Windcraft also offers the SeaRail 19 fast day sailing trimaran designed by Nigel Irens. Windcraft has also been involved with selling and sailing the Van Petenghem and Prevost-designed Multi 23 trimaran, the high performance 40 ft cruising catamaran from TRT Multihulls in Norway,and the Motorcat 30, and Motorcat 29 Power Cats beautifully built in Poland. At Windcraft we also offer a large number of previously owned sailboats from all over the USA. We focus primarily on good used Corsair trimarans, but we also usually have several other boats for sale, such as a variety of larger cruising cats and tris, and some smaller and more affordable trimarans like the classic Trailer Tri and Tramp, and Dragonfly and Contour trimarans. We occasionally even offer a few monohulls or "leaners for sale," usually boats being traded in by their owners so that they can purchase a Corsair. Windcraft also offers a "buyer's representative" service whereby we represent you the buyer in the search for and purchase of any used multihull or monohull. When it comes to the purchase of an expensive boat, there are several compelling reasons to have an agent who is on your side representing your interests. Lastly we offer unbiased advice on rigging, furler and sail upgrades, and nets for any multihull. We can typically save you a significant amount of money in the process.

Featured Boat
photo of 33' Corsair F-31 modified
33' Corsair F-31 modified
1996 US$ 125,000

Cheeky is a unique, very fast, highly modified Corsair F-31 trimaran (formerly named Cheekee Monkee). Currently for sale by her third very happy owner.

Some background to Cheeky:

Cheeky is the result of an inspired and well-financed project to take a Corsair F-31 trimaran to its extreme. All major modifications were done only after consultation with Ian Farrier.

The first step was to add angled foils to each ama – a la ORMA 60. The speed limit on any tri is reached when the leeward ama gets buried. On Cheeky, the foils keep that from happening, meaning that more power can be used, and higher speeds attained. With this one upgrade, sustained top speeds went from the high teens to the mid-twenties, an improvement of approximately 25%.
To handle the increase in power and the consequent higher loads on the akas (beams), new beams were designed and built in carbon fiber.  The amas (floats) were carbon-reinforced and reconfigured at the same time. The new configuration had the boat planing on the leeward float, meaning that in optimal sailing trim Cheeky would now lift its main hull clear of the water, further reducing drag and increasing speed. A new, deeper custom built carbon fiber rudder replaced the stock rudder to keep plenty of rudder surface in the water. A new, deeper custom daggerboard was built at the same time for the same reason and a sugar scoop extension added to the stern. To reduce heeling moment, a hydraulic mast canting system was installed that can move the mast 6 degrees to weather.  A longer custom carbon (sound familiar yet?) bowsprit was fashioned as well.
The interior was gutted to reduce weight and reinforced with carbon to increase stiffness.  A custom carbon galley, a custom carbon head (!) and carbon “nav station”  was installed along with two lightweight pipe berths.
This boat has been owned by three passionate multihull sailors whose love of speed and thinning wallets has shaped Cheeky into what she is today. Cheeky has won everywhere she has gone...and because she is easily trailered behind a pickup truck, she has gone everywhere. The current owner lives in Michigan and races the boat across the Great Lakes and travels to events up and down on the east coast. Cheeky has won both Mackinac races multiple times, and has wins in the Queen’s Cup, the Mills Race, the Swiftsure and more.
On top of the vast amount of development that has gone into the boat, two things stand out about Cheeky. The first is unsurprising – the incredible speed that Cheeky is capable of achieving with ease. When the wind is blowing and Cheeky has the bit between her teeth,one thing is certain...you will be hooting with joy.
The second thing about Cheeky is that the people who sail her tend to stick around. Buying Cheeky automatically gains you a half-dozen or so experienced former crew/soon-to-be-new-friends who will show up anywhere at any time for another ride on her just to help you learn get the most out of her.
Check out the details of her impressive equipment list, give your slow boat away to the next person you see, and grab Cheeky’s 12-foot-long tiller extension and start planning an assault on your next racing season. Your life will never be the same!

Recently relocated to Charleston, SC to escape the winter snows of Michigan and make it easier for inspection.


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