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Vero Beach Yacht Sales image Larry Leach has been an active yacht broker in Florida since 1979. He was a broker with four busy brokerage firms and sales manager for a yacht builder in south Florida before founding Vero Beach Yacht Sales in 1999. He brings a long history of experience in trawlers, motor yachts and sportfishing yachts having been a captain, boat owner and boating enthusiast for many years. He has traveled by boat extensively in the Gulf States, Florida and the east coast of the United States. He operated sport fishing yachts in the Caribbean, South America, both coasts of Central America, Baja, California and southern California. Larry is also a long time pilot and often uses private aircraft to service clients throughout the southeast.

"I take pride in my professionalism and my dedication to providing personalized service to my clients. I look forward to speaking with anyone who has an interest in our listed vessels". You may reach Larry directly at (772) 563-8882 or by e-mail: "verobeachyachts@cs.com".


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