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Tartan Marine Company image When we say that “Once the Tartan flag is flown over your yacht you become an instant member of an exclusive group of highly discriminating, loyal and dedicated individuals in the sailing industry” we really mean it. Our Owners, fans and followers of the Tartan Brand span the globe and reach back in time through the generations. One reason for this loyalty is that each Tartan is hand-built, one at a time, by some of finest craftsmen and technicians in the marine industry. For these reasons Tartan Yachts is in a unique position to assist our Owners and their families when the decision to sell their Tartan Yacht is reached.

The fact is that we have more unique visitors to our website searching for information about new, pre-owned and certified pre-owned Tartans than any other website. This means we are in a better position to help you market your Tartan Yacht because we have the most unique visitors to our website. The fact is that nothing else sails like a Tartan. When discussing your Tartan with new, potential owners, we have the greatest knowledge and expertise in the industry when discussing the unique features and characteristics of your Tartan.

To find your perfect pre-owned yacht, please contact Tartan Yachts at 440-210-5120 or sales@tartanyachts.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Featured Boat
photo of 33' C&C 99
33' C&C 99
2004 US$ 95,600

"Agent 99" might well be the best C&C 99 available on the market today.   With recent upgrades, she is sure to sell as fast as she sails!    With her recently installed carbon fiber sprit and reverse cycle air conditioning, both husband and wife can enjoy the boat equally.   

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