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Wallace Yacht Company image Wallace Yacht Company specializes in yachts of value, substance and extreme character.

Thanks for visiting, My name is Walter Wallace. You have found my classic yacht business, which encompasses many facets within the classic yacht realm. While I do represent a few clients, who may be interested in selling their vessels, I am also very involved with other vessel projects. I am just now completing a new sailing rig on stunning ex schooner---now ketch, WN RAGLAND.

I also have a couple other ongoing projects, such as “METEOR”, which is shown in a VIMEO slide show to the left, and also new construction of a mahogany speed boat, built from a Century plan from the 1950’s. Along with WN RAGLAND, recent projects include project manager and delivery to Miami/Bahamas of a one-of-a-kind motorsailer, and vessel design consultant for an upcoming film production. I also hold a current 100 ton Near Coastal (175 miles out) Captain’s license with sailing and towing endorsements.

Wallace Yacht Company image Vessel work has included extensive woodwork, the rigging projects on vessels 27-100 feet, electrical, electronic, fiberglass, and other related projects.

My brokerage activities have included clients from Europe, Central America, United States and Canada, as well as across the Pacific from Hawaii to Australia and New Zealand.

The best is the best and it is where it is.

I have been in the bilges of every boat you see here. I have tapped on each hull, dug at each wooden yacht’s ribs, and sailed or operated most of them underway.
I will not select a yacht to represent based on convenience or accessories. Accessories can be had at wholesale prices and convenience can be overcome with shipping and Here, you will find pictures and information that you need to see to make the purchase decision, or at least decide whether the boat is worth the plane ticket and time to see it.

Wallace Yacht Company image Due to the nature of my business, I have a limited number of clients. Feel free to write me a note, with a brief description of your situation, and I will either be able to help you, or help you choose the method or vendor which sill be able to aid you in the most professional, efficient and expeditious manner possible.

Wallace Yacht Company image Thank you again very much for visiting,
Walter Wallace

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Featured Boat
photo of 38' Jensen Motorboat Company One-off High Perf Classic
38' Jensen Motorboat Company One-off High Perf Classic
1938 US$ 225,000


Owned by Mr. Neil Young, and conceived by George Jensen, and built in the world renown boatyard of the Jensen family. METEOR is one of a kind in form, function, aesthetics, ergonomics and performance. FRP is the abbreviation used in the boat business for fiberglass reinforced plastic, or as it is referred to in the industry, simply "plastic".   Meteor is crafted of wood, bronze, and glass; she is a beautiful and remarkable vessel. 

She leads those who have seen her to the seemingly obvious and universal conclusion that, as we contemplate all that is man-made in the world both near and far......that the most beautiful things in the world are not plastic. The most beautiful man-made creations are carved, chiseled, formed of more organic materials: which, given the time, return to their original state. They echo forms of nature, rarely having 90 degree intersections of perpendicular planes. 


METEOR is a rare form. Far beyond form, she is a functioning work of art. Plastic does perform a vital function- we'll get to that. The vessel is owned by a celebrated man, also known throughout the world for not only his highly awarded musical achievements, but for his eye for detail in art, timeless design, American ingenuity, and a relentless demonstrated appreciation of the planet, and especially  those who occupy it; Mr. Neil Young.

Mr. Young has many irons in the fire right now, that reach well beyond his significant technical and musical pursuits. This has created the opportunity for you to acquire METEOR. She has been a fun and rewarding project, but remains a project that would have to be postponed if pursued. Neil's feeling is that the right thing to do which does the vessel justice is offer her to someone who has a similar passionate vision for her.


Also pictured is another past owner with a world renown appreciation for form, Mr. Dale Chihuly, considered by all to be the most masterful glass artist in the world.

She has been structurally redone. Mr. Young had the work done at the Jensen yard, in keeping with her fine pedigree. This included a new bow/stem, new shaft logs, new stainless shafts, stainless rudders, hydraulic steering, inspected-cleaned-pressure tested fuel tanks, and other items.

METEOR was underpowered when she was originally built with a couple Gray Marine bombs, and her last power-plants were a couple 190 hp Crusaders. These were the engines that were in the vessel when I took the underway shots. With those engines, I had her up to 25 knots and floating debris prevented taking her all the way to full throttle. She handled beautifully at that speed and I feel that she could comfortably handle more, if desired. 


We took those engines out and tossed them as Mr. Young wanted to spec out either electric power or bio-diesel power, and this is where we stopped. I would suggest a couple VW TDI's or a pair of YANMARS.

As mentioned above, selling her had nothing to do with METEOR herself, it is due to demands with other vessel(s) and projects; and a lack of desire to put her undercovers in the back of the boat barn. She deserves more.

New shafts and PSS shaft seals in place and she is now ready for power of your choice. The orange in the photos is red lead paint so that her wood is preserved, and now on to the topic of plastic. 

Plastic does have its place in our world for many utilitarian things. Think of everything sanitized that you touch in the medical field for starters. As a substance for many purposes, it does have its virtues. METEOR's bottom is laminated with a heavy layer of fiberglass, from her waterline, down to her keel. Plastic here works great. It never ages, and is a bug proof barrier, enabling METEOR to be the perfect boat for places like South Florida! Her shallow draft make her the perfect boat for so many places.....the Bahamas, the Chesapeake.....anywhere. Tahoe?  Yah.....Tahoe. 

Another benefit from her plastic bottom, is through versatility in terms of readiness for use.  Should you keep her out of the water on rails, trailer or boathouse, you can launch her, fire her up and go to full throttle immediately. Not need to "swell her up". She maintains her structural dimensions and integrity whether in Lake Mead, Key Biscayne or Cape Cod. Art you can use.


Figure a couple motors with accessories at 26-30k a piece, add labor to install them, and another 10k-ish for the head, depending on toilet and sink chosen. That's it. NO surprises structurally as it is done. She is a sweet, sweet boat. Display  her with your car collection and enjoy her artistic presence as is. Her bottom is fresh and painted with Pettit Vivid paints. (mixed 50/50 one gallon white and one green). 


METEOR is SHRINK WRAPPED and ready to truck anywhere. Her manageable size means NO chase cars, wide load or high load restrictions. I am happy to ship her to you, or install the engines, head and any other equipment you desire and ship her turn key, upon completion of your desired work. Figure 5-6k to get her from her current location in the San Francisco Bay area to the East Coast, if desired. 

Her shrink wrap makes her a little tricky to see. Please be prepared to view her by appointment only, and also please be prepared to climb a ladder, as she is on stands in the yard. 


Thanks so much and please enjoy the extensive photo layout!!




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