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The Baker Family's Perry 48 "Capaz"

Pete McGonagle's Perry 51 "Charlotte"

Scott Fuller's Apogee 50 "Scoots" Website

The Gifford Family's Custom Stevens 47 "Totem"

Brian Trautman and Erin Russ's Amel 53 "Delos"

The Bryson's Outbound 46 "Mazu"

The Dennehy Family's Beneteau 44CC "Salt and Light"

Eric Rone's Cal 33 "Secret Agent Man"

John and Lauren Kutchka's HR 42 "Velocity"

Dan and Debbie Taylor's Cruising/Liveaboard Website

Cordill Family's Perry 48 "Capaz"

John and Shirlee Forbes' Scpetre 41 "Solstice"

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Mahina Tiare Exhibitions Offshore Cruising Seminars and Voyages
Mahina Tiare Exhibitions Website
For the past 22 years Mahina Tiare Exhibitions have been teaching and sharing knowledge with sailors who have a passion for learning and adventure. If ocean voyaging on your own boat is your goal, joining John Neal and Amanda Swan Neal for an instructional passage aboard Mahina Tiare, their Hallberg-Rassy 46 in the South Pacific is the best thing you can do toward realizing your goal of ocean cruising.

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Here She Goes Again: Capaz
New Capaz Website
Brad and PJ Baker are the proud new owners of Capaz! The boat changed hands from the Cordill family to the Baker family at Ko'Olina in Hawaii. Brad brought the boat back to Seattle the end of June 2008. The journey to cruising has kicked into high gear for the Bakers and you can follow our preparations to leave, our departure and the adventure on our website.

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Pete McGonagle and His Family Abroad Charlotte
Charlotte Website
Follow Pete, Kirsten and Alden as they voyage on Charotte starting on the East Coast and ending where the winds will take them.

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Scott Fuller Living the Dream Aboard SCOOTS, an Apogee 50
Sail SCOOTS Website
Sail SCOOTS is the virtual home of SCOOTS, the Apogee 50 that has converted ex-Swiftsure Yachts partner/founder Scott Fuller, from a boater who plays the (boat ownership) field into a sailor committed to a long term relationship with just one special boat. This summer Scott is sailing from Hawaii to the South Pacific and back. His web site records each day of his passage as well as the interior refit of Scoots. Sailscoots.com is entertaining, insightful and certain to encourage folks to cut the dock lines.

Swiftsure Yachts image

The Gifford Family's Custom Stevens 47 Totem
New Totem Website
Jamie, Behan, Niall, Mairen, and Siobhan have officially moved aboard and are looking forward to their departure late summer of 2008. Their first boat a Hallberg Rassy 352 became just a little too tight with the birth of their third child, Siobhan. The search started and in the spring of 2007, THE boat was found in San Francisco. Ryan was a part of the crew that brought Totem up the coast to Bainbridge Island where Jamie has been doing a pretty major re-fit on the boat. Follow the Giffords as they head south.

Swiftsure Yachts image

Brian Trautman and Erin Russ's Amel 53 "Delos"
Delos Website
Brian and Erin purchased a Catalina 22 when they moved to Seattle and started teaching themselves how to sail. They graduated to a Catalina 36 and then realized that they were serious about going on an extended cruise. They worked with everyone at Swiftsure and looked at many boats before they decided on their Amel 53. Their patience has paid off as they moved aboard almost immediately and are enjoying themselves as they prepare to go cruising in the Summer of 2009.

Swiftsure Yachts image

Mel and Elaine Bryson's "Mazu Adventures" Website
Mazu Adventures Website
Mel worked with Ryan to sell his Hunter 41DS DREAMS over the summer of 2007. That was the first major step toward his new Outbound 46 MAZU. Mel has worked with Outbound's builder Phil Lambert every step of the way including a trip to China to see the boat as it was being built at the boatyard. Hull #34 was delivered in early May 2008. As the Mel prepared the boat to go cruising, Elaine decided to try her hand at blogging and is having great time sharing their adventures with friends and family.

Swiftsure Yachts image

The Dennehy family's Voyage aboard Salt and Light, a Benneteau 44 CC
Salt and Light Website
Three kids and two parents, one boat. Rennie and Denny had a plan. They were ready to sell their house and go. When they came to Swiftsure Yachts all they needed was a boat that would fit their family and their budget. Brad helped them find the right boat with the added bonus that it was already on the East Coast! Follow the Dennehy family as they set sail from South Carolina heading to points south in the Carribean. Want to know how to cruise with kids? They are doing right now and they have a fun blog where you can follow their exploits.

Swiftsure Yachts image

Eric Rone's Cal 33 Secret Agent Man
Secret Agent Man Blog
Eric has just completed a major refit on his Cal 33 Secret Agent Man and is heading south for Mexico, the South Pacific and beyond...

Swiftsure Yachts image

The Saga of the Dinghy Sailor's Race to Maui Continues
Chapter Two

Voodoo Child Competes in the 2006 Vic Maui Race
Follow the crew of VOODOO CHILD, Brian Duchin's Santa Cruz 52, as they prepare for and win the 2006 Victoria to Maui race. Swiftsure Yachts partners, Brad Baker and Pete McGonagle along with Swiftsure Yachts team members PJ Baker and Ryan Helling were part of this VOODOO CHILD team.

Swiftsure Yachts image

John and Lauren Kutschka's Voyage on the Hallberg Rassy 43 "Velocity"
Velocity Voyage Website
The Swiftsure Yachts partners have played an important role in the realization of Lauren and John's dream of voyaging to the South Pacific. Pete worked with them to determine the boat that best suited their needs and then supported them every step of the way as their new Hallberg-Rassy 43 became a reality. They have journeyed far since the boisterous first sail they shared with Pete on Seattle's Lake Union. Scott joined VELOCITY on a windy trip from Seattle to San Francisco. Today John and Lauren are cruising the South Pacific.

Swiftsure Yachts image

The Cordill family's Voyage aboard CAPAZ, a Perry 48
CAPAZ Website
The opening line of the Cordill's web page is "Live with no regrets." Tod, Juli, Jake and Zach are doing just that. After purchasing CAPAZ from Swiftsure Yachts and spending the next year transitioning to life aboard, they left for Mexico and points beyond. They are now in the South Pacific. Check out their web site for a great narrative description of their Pacific crossing.

Swiftsure Yachts image

John and Shirlee Forbes aboard their Sceptre 41 SOLSTCE
SV Solstice Website
John and Shirlee made the first step in the transition from land to sea when they sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge and turned right after purchasing their Sceptre 41 from Swiftsure Yachts in 2005. Now full time liveaboards, their web site gives good insight (as well as great photographs) and a thoughtful approach to joining the ranks of full time voyagers.

Swiftsure Yachts image

Dan and Debbie Taylor's Cruising/Liveaboard Website
Double Reef Website
Dan Taylor knew what he wanted when he contacted Pete at Swiftsure Yachts. He wanted a solid sailboat that would be a suitable Northwest liveaboard and future world cruiser. He had his eyes fixed on a very nice 1983 Enderlein designed Hallberg-Rassy 42 Ketch. Pete flew with Dan to a very Frozen Charlevoix, MI to inspect and purchase SEQUEL. Pete also joined Dan for "Sequel's" maiden Northwest voyage across the Straits of Juan de Fuca to her new home in Friday Harbor. Dan's website chronicles his adventures with some wonderful photos and introspective blogs.

On Passsage.com: A Resource for Voyagers
SV On Passage Website

Onpassage.com is a one-stop resource for cruising yachts worldwide; it provides information for the experienced blue water sailor as well as for those who are planning their first passage.

Swiftsure Yachts image
Seven Seas Cruising Association
SSCA Website
If you are planning or dreaming about a blue water voyage the SSCA is a great organization to join. The statement which follows describes their vision.

"For as long as mankind has memory, man has been entranced by the sea. The need to know what lies beyond the next wave and over the far horizon is all pervasive. Ask any group about their fantasies and someone will tell you of a vision of tropical blue skies, balmy breezes, ever-gentle waves and sailing to exotic ports. Those who are living the dream, those who are planning for the day they can release all the ties to the workaday world to sail off to seek paradise and those who only dream of such adventure all join together in an organization called the Seven Seas Cruising Association."


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