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Why List with Swiftsure Yachts

It is often said that the happiest day in a boater’s life is the day they sell a boat and the day they purchase the next. Be that as it may, the decision to sell one’s boat is clearly an important one. While there are many yacht brokerages in the Pacific Northwest, we believe the services we offer enable us to stand out from the crowd.

Exceptional Presentation

Today’s yacht purchaser has lots of choices. Our goal is to make certain that your boat captures the eye of potential buyers and is presented in an exciting, accurate way. Our approach includes:

For local listings the official Swiftsure photography boat, SWIFTY, will capture the essence of your boat underway. And when we get back to the dock, we will photograph the interior to portray her layout and appointments. Our camera and lighting equipment result in brochure quality photos that will set your boat apart from others on the market.

A stem-to-stern inspection allows us to really get to know your boat. The well-written, thorough specification that follows will accurately describe her. Our goal is a specification that eliminates confusion during purchase: potential buyers will clearly know whether that clock and barometer are part of the deal!

When appropriate, we develop brokers alerts and in-depth brochures targeting East Coast and European markets.

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Comprehensive Marketing
Our professional advertising is conceived and designed to deliver meaningful information to yachtsmen who are in the market today or sometime in the future. We go beyond the photograph to tell the stories behind the boats we list.

We advertise nationally in Cruising World magazine. Our ads are directed towards an audience of coastal, offshore and racing sailors.

Full page ads in 48 North, Northwest Yachting and the Canadian and U.S. versions of Pacific Yachting showcase our listings for the local market. In addition, we participate in both Lake Union Boats Afloat Shows where our prominent tented display site keeps our float a hub of boat show activity.

With the advent of the internet, the marketplace for selling boat is local, national and international. Yachtworld.com, the primary shopping tool for serious buyers and yacht brokers alike, brings thousands of boats into the homes and offices of people looking for the boat of their dreams.

Our client/prospects management system allows us to link past inquiries with current boats for sale. With each new listing we email or call these individuals to inform them that a boat matching their criteria has just been listed.

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On-Going Communication
The biggest complaint we hear about yacht brokers is that once the boat is listed, communication stops. We pledge to keep you informed and remain proactively involved in the sale of your boat. We track and analyze listing activity and meet bi-weekly to discuss interest, pricing and marketing for each listing.

A monthly activity report that includes an overall market analysis, detail of inquiries, showings and interest, and recommendations for increasing the probability of a sale is prepared for each of our listings.

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Added Value
When our clients entrust their yachts to us, we take that responsibility seriously and strive to make certain they receive the same care and attention they did under their watch. And after the sale is complete, we don’t just hand over the keys; we remain a resource even after closing has occurred.

Cleaning Service
Clean boats sell; dirty boats don’t. Seattle is an urban area and boats get more than their fair share of grit and grime while moored here. For that reason we include bi-weekly exterior cleaning for boats at our docks.

Maintenance and Inspection Service
For a nominal fee, we will provide routine upkeep for locally moored listings. This service includes checking bilges, fenders and dock lines, running engines up to temperature and battery checks. If anything is out of order, we let you know and with your permission arrange for service.

Delivery Service
We will deliver local boats to our docks on Lake Union and often assist owners during coastwise deliveries. As licensed mariners, we’re able to move boats as necessary for sea-trial, surveys and showings. Any excuse to get out on the water is enthusiastically embraced by each Swiftsure partner.

Boat Handling/Training
Experienced skippers as well as those new to boating often need advice and support when learning the idiosyncrasies of their new vessel. Efficient sail handling, docking with a bow thruster, maneuvering a boat with twin engines, and maintenance and operation of boat systems are some of the skills we’ve helped owners acquire.


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