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Welcome to Swiftsure Yachts Inc.!

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Providing premium service to the customer interested in buying or selling a high quality yacht

In 2002 the partners of Swiftsure Yachts joined together to create a full service brokerage for yachtsmen interested in buying or selling high quality boats. A team approach, in-depth expertise and exceptional service are the hallmarks of our plan and are designed to ensure we meet our customers' expectations.

Swiftsure Yachts image A TEAM APPROACH is at the heart of Swiftsure Yachts’ business plan. We step outside the norm of commission-based yacht sales to make certain our collective expertise is directed by our clients’ needs.

IN-DEPTH EXPERTISE forms the basis of the knowledge we share with our clients. We keep abreast of changing market conditions both locally and nationally, and we put in thousands of miles at sea each year to give a real-world foundation to our knowledge of sailing, boat systems and boat design.

EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE is our watchword. Clear and on-going communication combined with a commitment to listening carefully focuses our brokerage on activities designed to bring added value to the process of selling and buying yachts.

Located at Nautical Landing on Lake Union, our office is based in the heart of Seattle's brokerage community. If you are considering selling your boat, please stop by or give us a call and let us show you why Swiftsure Yachts is the right choice.

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Featured Boat
photo of 46' Outbound 46
46' Outbound 46
2008 US$ 498,500

Outbound Yachts have a well-earned reputation as the gold standard for offshore capable, mono hull yachts. Their smart design, with a well behaved and easily driven hull, combine solid construction, performance and an elegant hand crafted interior. They have it all, with easy access to systems, excellent storage capacity above and below decks and large tankage numbers at 200 gallons of water and 180 gallons of Fuel.

The Outbound 46 Mazu is aptly named.   Mazu is best known as the Chinese, “Goddess of the Sea”.   Marine folklore is filled with tales of catastrophes averted when the goddess appeared as a warning that unseen storms were rising or to arrive just in time and calm a storm to saves sailors lives.

Outbound 46’s do not come on the used market often and Mazu is exceptional. You won’t find a better equipped Outbound 46. Swiftsure Yachts sold her to her one owner and no expense was spared equipping her. Having just returned from a South Pacific cruise her meticulous owner has made sure that she is good to go again. Just buy the groceries and cut the lines.


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